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Finding a Villa for Rent in Lebanon

There’s something really special about living in a villa rather an apartment, it’s just different in so many ways. Living in a villa offers you a whole new lifestyle and redefines the concept of staying home. Usually when someone says “nothing much, staying home for the day” you kind of understand that they’re trying to tell you “I’m doing nothing fun, just bored at home”, right? Well this doesn’t have to be true if you’re renting a villa in Lebanon.

Whether you're looking for a villa for rent in Rabieh or a villa for rent in Baabda, renting a villa has so many advantages over living in an apartment or a flat. It doesn’t only show the lavish lifestyle you have but it is also a symbol of modern living. While they are costly at times, many believe that the money is worth the comfort offered by renting a villa in Lebanon.

Since gardens often come with villas, you can enjoy your morning coffee in the middle of fresh and vibrant greenery planted with your favorite flowers and trees. You can enjoy Sunday barbecues with family and friends in the comfort of your home without the need to go to public spaces. Not to forget throwing parties without worrying about disturbing the neighbours, or renting a huge space that fits the crowd. Villas in Lebanon are mostly located in safe surroundings with enough distance between you and your neighbors allowing you both to enjoy privacy.

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You can turn a whole room into a private gym instead of just having one or two machines in some corner. Many villas come with private pools which are excellent for workouts and leisure. In other words, living in a villa can help you build a healthy and active life without worrying about driving around in traffic.

As for safety and security, there are many security systems available for your villa. High tech monitoring and access control systems will make security the last thing for you to worry about! When it comes to finding a villa for rent in Lebanon it is less common to find villas than apartments. Yet, there are several market offerings that can be exactly what you’re looking for. In other words, once you find the house for rent or house for sale of your dreams, don’t let go! VIllas for rent in Mount Lebanon are the most abundant with far fewer available in Beirut. Popular areas to find villas for rent in Lebanon are Baabdat, Broumana Aley, Bsalim, Rabieh, and Yarzeh. Away from Mount Lebanon, you can find villas for rent in areas like Hazmieh or Ras Beirut. As for the market offerings, you can find a villa as cozy as a 300sqm or as huge as a 1000sqm, prices also highly vary between $2,500 and $10,000 per month, usually determined by location, size of the property and amenities.

Regardless of your budget, it’s clear that renting a villa in Lebanon can be a rewarding investment so start your search today!