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About Properties for Rent in Lebanon

Most popular types of properties for rent in Lebanon are apartments, duplexes, chalets, villas, and lands. You can rent an apartment in Lebanon for as low as $300 per month or as high as $15,00,000. It all depends on the location, apartment specifications and building facilities. An apartment size usually ranges between 50 and 1,000 sqm which fits various residential needs. For a luxurious option, search for apartments for rent in Ramlet El Bayda, Minet Al Hosn and Koraytem. You can find apartments of affordable rental fees in areas like Qoubbe, Al Nakhle and Shayle for instance. Villas for rent in Lebanon are available, however those for sale are more popular. You can rent a villa in Lebanon starting $2,500 per month up to $30,000. Most villas fall in Mount Lebanon especially luxurious ones which can be found in areas like Yarzeh, Rabieh and Clemenceau. More affordable villas can be rented at Broumana, Baabdat and Rabweh. If you’re looking for something between an apartment and a villa, a duplex for rent in Lebanon might be what you’re looking for. You can rent a duplex for something between $700 and $16,000 per month which again depends on the duplex specifications and location. Affordable rental fees can be in Ballouneh, Mansourieh and Ain Saadeh for example. For a luxurious duplex, search in areas like Achrafieh, Ain Al Mraiseh and Rabieh. Another type of properties for rent in Lebanon are lands which can be used as a parking space, sports courts like basketball and football courts, or even for agricultural use.

Before you start searching for “property for rent in Lebanon”, decide on which type of property you would like to rent. If you’re looking for an apartment for rent in Beirut, drive around the city and discover the areas there.

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How to Pick Your Property

Each neighborhood in Beirut is different than the other and proximate to different facilities. What can be special about Beirut is that most of its neighborhoods have several grocery stores and pharmacies which is very convenient for its residents. As for fashion stores, Beirut has several commercial streets displaying the latest fashion trends like Hamra Main Street, Verdun Street, Mar Elias Street, Barbour Street and Nowayri Street. Restaurants are not spread over all Beiruti areas, however there are several areas which are known for their restaurants and cafes like Gemmayze, Mar Mikhael, Bliss, Hamra, Verdun, Down Town, Biel and Minet El Hosn. Pick a neighborhood that’s near places you visit the most to save commuting times and transportation costs. After that, figure out the right apartment size and budget for you and you’re ready to start your apartment hunting! The same guidelines go for renting a villa or a chalet in Lebanon; however renting a chalets slightly differs when it comes to location. You don’t actually care about the location of your chalet with respect to your workplace for instance since you’d be visiting it during your weekends and vacation only. Pick an area that has fun activities to do around with your friends and family regardless of the distance between them and your most visited places. Regardless of your motives behind searching for a property for rent in Lebanon, figure your priorities out and write down your criteria. Finally, go online and insert all your criteria to get narrowed results that match your requirements.