Properties for Rent in Koura

Most available property types for rent in Koura are chalets and apartments. You can rent an apartment in Kourafor something between $350 and $1,500 per month that would typically range between 100 and 250 sqm in size. Number of bedrooms in an apartment for rent would vary between two to three bedrooms. Rare it is to find a one-bedroom or a studio apartment in Koura unless it was a chalet. Chalets for rent in Koura are quite cozy and usually don’t exceed 100 sqm in size. As for rental fees of chalets in Koura, the range is quite big which is between $500 and $5,000. If you’re still not familiar with Koura as an area, you can hit the road and reach there. Do some research about fun activities to do in Koura and plan a fun weekend there. Discover the area and its smallest details. Learn more about facilities there especially those you’re interested in and want to stay close to. You can do an online research or ask people there about the market offerings when it comes to property specifications and rental fees. Compare the offerings there with those in nearby areas like those in Batroun or Jbeil. You can find an apartment for rent in Batroun for instance range between $450 and $1,000 per month, and that’s between 50 and 150 sqm in size.

koura lebanon
koura lebanon

How to Pick a Property

Apartments for rent in Jbeilon the other hand can be rented for $450 to $1,700 per month and typically consist of one to four bedrooms. So rental fees of apartments in the mentioned areas are somehow close to each other so one wouldn’t actually include rental fees to make a decision on where to rent. IF you already have the purpose out of renting the property figured out, think about the size and other specifications that you need. If you’re renting an apartment in Koura to stay at with your family, take the number of family members when it comes to the number of bedrooms you want in an apartment. If you’re newly married and are planning to have a baby soon, rent an apartment that would fit the three of you ahead of time. As for rental fees, specialists in the field recommend that rental fees don’t exceed 30% of your monthly income. Before you rent a property in Koura, conduct a general inspection for the property to find any hidden damage that can cause you future trouble. Make sure that the property owner is aware of any available damage before moving into the property.Remember, you can consult a real estate agent who operates in Koura to help you make a better informed decision.