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Properties for Rent in Batroun

Batroun is one of the most popular Lebanese coastal cities and has a lot to offer when it comes to properties for rent. Rent is quite popular in Batroun since seasonal tourism booms during spring and summer time for its coastal nature.

Apartments for rent in Batroun are available mainly in Chekka, Basbina & Koubba. Rental fees range between $500 and $1,000 per month which is relatively affordable with respect with other areas in the North. Studios for rent are quite popular in the North and are of a size of around 50 sqm. Bigger apartments are also available and can go up to 160 sqm in size consisting of 3 bedrooms. If you’re interested in a two-story residence that’s part of a shared residential building, a duplex for rent might be convenient for you. You can find a 3 bedrooms duplex that’s about 250 sqm in size for around $1,200 per month in Batroun. If you’re a fan of traditional Lebanese architecture, townhouses are popular in Batroun and are mainly composed of 2 to 3 bedrooms. Chalets for rent in Batroun are smaller in size than apartments yet are priced at a higher monthly fee. You can find a cozy 60 sqm chalet for around $2,000 per month. Many people often face a difficulty choosing between renting or buying a property.

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Rent vs. Buy

However the decision is pretty simple once an individual is aware of his current financial situation and residential needs from space to usage frequency, the decision becomes pretty simple. If you’re planning to stay in Batroun particularly in that property for less than 5 years, specialists recommend that you rent it over buying it. It’s also recommended that rental fees don’t exceed 35% of your monthly income which is something you need to account in advance for. Before you start your search for properties in Batroun, drive around the area to discover its streets and neighborhoods. Try to look around and take note of available facilities like grocery stores, laundry places, pharmacies, etc. Figure out the property size you need in Batroun which includes the number of bedrooms as well. After you decide on all the criteria that you need, you’d be ready to go online and insert them in the search engine. This will give you narrowed down results that will save you lots of time. Conduct a general inspection for the property before you sign the rental contract and make sure that you take note of any present damage. You might want to consult a real estate agent to help you take a better informed decision.