Finding a Chalet for Rent in Batroun

Chalets are considered to be vacation homes in Lebanon which many Lebanese and tourists prefer staying at over hotels. This is because chalets provide its residents with more privacy and freedom than hotel rooms do. Chalets for sale in Lebanon are mainly available in Kesrouane, Jbeil, El Metn, Tripoli, and Batroun. You can find a chalet for rent in Mount Lebanon and North mainly for around $250 to $4,000 per month. Chalets for rent in Anfe, Kfarzebian and Safra range between $250 and $1,000 per month. For a luxurious option, try searching for chalets for rent in Faraya, Oyoun El Siman and Batroun which usually range between around $1,500 and $4,000 per month.

If you’re looking for a touristic area with lots of fun activities to do around, Batroun has a lot to offer you. If you search online for “Batroun chalet for rent”, you’d find that rental fees are around $2,000 per month. Drive around Batroun and discover the streets and neighborhoods there. Renting a chalet has to do with more than its physical properties only; the neighborhood it falls in plays a huge role in how comfortable you feel staying in the chalet. Pick a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and feels comfortable and safe. Consider visiting the neighborhood several times a day to see what it’s actually like to stay there. Is is too noisy for you? What are the chances of finding a parking spot? Are there grocery stores around? What about ATM machines? Know what you look for in a neighborhood and evaluate those you visit based on your priorities.

batroun map
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How to Pick a Chalet

Next, you need to figure out what some might call the perfect size of the chalet for rent in Batroun you’re looking for. Since chalets are mainly visited during weekends and vacations, you’re friends and family are probably joining. This mean you need to take into consideration how many people will be staying in the chalet to figure this out. You also need to set a budget that fits your spending patterns. What are your monthly expenses both fixed and non-fixed? Do you have any debt? How much do you usually get to save each month? This will help you figure out how much money you have and can comfortably spend over a chalet for rent in Batroun.

Now go online and insert all your criteria in the search engine then type “Batroun chalet for rent”. Try calling the chalet owners before visiting them to make sure that you’re interested in renting the chalet; you might discover something over the phone that’s a deal breaker for you. While you visit the chalets, take note of what you like and dislike in addition to current damages with pictures. This will help you compare the market offerings at the end of the day based on your priorities and value for money. Once you decide on a chalet to rent, make sure that you and the chalet owner both sign a document which states the current damages if any to avoid future misunderstandings. Keep in mind, there are several real estate agents whom you can consult for a better informed decision.