Properties for rent in Rabieh, El Metn

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Rabiehs' scerenity

Most apartments for rent in Rabieh overlook the Mediterranean sea. The area is very calm and has a greenery scenery with trees and plants filling the lands. Apartments for Rent usually consist of 2 bedrooms and at least one bathroom and range from 120 m2 to 500 m2. If you are considering living in a bigger apartment with a similar niche, you may want to consider apartments for rent in Rabweh. Apartments for rent in Rabweh start from $650 and it is very close to Rabieh; the $650 apartment rental a month fee in Rabweh would get you a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment overlooking the sea. 

It is recommended to always use a brokerage agency since it is mostly aware of the area and the material used in the apartment that you would be purchasing or renting. They also excel in helping you attain all the documents needed as well as aiding you in finding the features that you are looking for without a hassle. 

Rabieh view
Rabieh calm

Crowded vs. Calm

Rabieh has a lot to offer when it comes to renting an apartment nevertheless your search needs to be organized. For instance if you are looking for a long term investment of 5 years or more it is recommended by experts that you should buy a property rather than rent a property. 

Whilst searching for an apartment to rent make sure that the fee does not exceed your monthly income by 35% without other fees such as meals and other necessities involved. 

Nevertheless, there are no commercial properties for sale nor are there any commercial properties in the Rabieh area since it is a very calm area that is around 10 minutes far from the Dbayeh area. 

Dbayeh is the new hub of restaurants and nightlife in the country of Lebanon. In Dbayeh you may find a countless amount of offices for sale or shops for rent if you are looking into investing somewhere nearby and create a company for yourself.