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Baabda District

Baabda is the capital city of the Baabda District as well as the capital of Mount Lebanon Governorate, western Lebanon. Baabda is known for the Ottoman Castle, Serail, and its countless embassies (Italian, Jordanian, Japanese, Polish, Brazilian, Spanish…). Many important organizations also reside in Baabda such as the Ministry of Defense and other organization and administrative centers that are crucial for Lebanon. 

The Baabda Palace, residence of the President of Lebanon, is also located in Baabda. 

Baabda has around 32 cities in its district filled with properties for rent or properties to buy. Throughout the cities of Baabda you may find some that are niche and others that are not as high end as others. 

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What Baabda has to offer

Apartments for rent in Qornayel Baabda start from $400 a month whereas an apartment for rent in Yarzeh can go up to $6,666 a month; You can also find various villas for rent in Baabda the most expensive being $20,000 a month. 

The Baabda district has many restaurants, stores, hospitals and malls. If you were looking to make an investment there are a number of lands for sale that start from a $100,000. 

Baabda has everything you would need to build up a life for you or for you and your family. It is also a maximum of a 10 minute drive to the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, where properties tend to be more expensive.