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Properties for Rent in Hazmieh

Hazmieh is one of Lebanon’s most booming areas and is quite attractive in the eyes of many because of its proximity to Beirut. It has also been home to Lebanon’s biggest hospitality and commercial projects like City Center Beirut and Back Yard Hazmieh. Residents from all nearby areas visit Hazmieh to enjoy its hospitality and have some fun there. Gyms are increasing in number in Hazmieh particularly highly equipped and professional ones.

You can rent an apartment in Hazmieh for something between $1,500 and $5,000 per month. Most apartments would range between two and four bedrooms which is usually 180 to 500 sqm big. It is quite rare to find other property types for rent there since

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Get to know the local places that you’re interested in living close to and take note of them. Take into consideration the distance from the different neighborhoods to your workplace and most visited places like your kids’ school and so. This all affects your transportation means and costs which highly impacts your lifestyle. Add to that, try setting your search criteria ahead of time. This includes the property’s specifications and budget for instance. You can figure out the size of the property that you need mainly by considering the number of people staying there and any other activities that require a whole room for. If you’re a newly married couple and are planning to have a baby soon, you’d want to account for that by dedicating an extra room for your little one. Other activities that require a separate room can be physical activity, drawing, writing, etc. The budget you set on the other hand requires some detailed calculations. It’s no rocket science, however it needs attention to detail and a bit of forecasting. You can figure out the right budget for you by either doing some research on your own or hiring a financial analyst. Once your criteria is set, go online and insert them in the search engine. This will help you get narrowed down results and find the matching properties faster.