Finding a Chalet for Rent in Jounieh

If you’re looking for a place to spend your weekends or long vacation at, Mount Lebanon has a lot to offer you when it comes to chalets for rent. Most chalets for rent in Mount Lebanon fall in El Metn, Jbeil and Kesrouane. For a luxurious option, search for chalets for rent in Faraya, Oyoun El Simen and Kaslik. Chalets for rent in Faraya for instance range between $1,000 and $4,000 in price, and usually consist of one to five bedrooms. For a less expensive option, search for chalets for rent in Kfarzebian, Safra and Zouk Mosbeh. Kfarzebian, Zouk Mosbeh, Nahr El Kaleb, Faraya, Kaslik, Oyoun EL Simen and Jounieh are areas in Kesrouane where you can find lots of chalets for rent in.

If you’re a fan of coastal cities, try searching for chalets for rent in Jounieh. However, there are a couple of things like location, chalet size and budget which you need to take into consideration before you start searching. In case you’re still not familiar with Jounieh, get into your car and drive around the city. Explore its neighborhoods and streets; from its smallest to biggest. As you drive around, keep an eye on local facilities which you like to live near. Consider visiting neighborhoods you like more than once a day to get an idea of what would it be like to live there. The neighborhood you choose needs to fit your lifestyle for you to enjoy staying at. If you’re an active person who likes to keep moving and playing tennis by the beach for instance, pick a neighborhood that’s very close to the beach and other walking spaces to keep your activity levels high. On the other hand, if you’re a person who enjoys peaceful stays away from city noise, pick a neighborhood that doesn’t have a lot of car traffic passing by. Then, think about who will be staying in the chalet with you to insert in search engines while searching for “chalet for rent in Jounieh”.

jounieh map
Jounieh Bay

How to Pick a Chalet

Are you planning to go by yourself, with your family or with a group of friends? This will help you choose the number of bedrooms you need; however, make sure that you be realistic when answering this question. This is because you wouldn’t want to rent a chalet that’s too big or too small for you. Finally, set a budget. Many specialists recommend that your rental and other housing fees don’t exceed 35% of your monthly income; ask the building management about the costs of renting their chalet before signing the contract. Setting a budget is no rocket science, however it requires some research and accuracy. Calculate the amount of money you are left with after paying all your expenses and debt if any. This amount is what you usually spend from over entertainment and leisure; how would your spending be affected once you deduct rental fees from the amount? Set a dollar amount that you're okay with under your circumstances and that won’t put you in any financial discomfort.

Once you figure all this out, go online and search for “chalet for rent in Jounieh”. This will show you narrowed down results that match your criteria for chalets for rent in Jounieh. Check out more than one chalet before you sign a rental contract. Keep in mind, you can consult a real estate specialist to help you make a better informed decision.