Finding a Chalet for Rent in Jbeil

If you’re looking for a chalet for rent in Lebanon, specifically a chalet for rent in Jbeil, then this city has a lot to offer you. “Byblos” in Phoenician or “Jbeil” the Lebanese way, this Mediterranean city in Mount Lebanon Governorate was the first city to be built in old Phoenicia by Cronis. It’s about 42 km north of Beirut and has always been one of the main touristic attraction sights in Lebanon for its various historical, cultural and entertaining aspects. Finding a chalet for rent in Jbeil will keep you close to Jbeil’s most famous tourist attractions like the Ancient Phoenician monuments, the Byblos Castle, the Sultan Abdul Majid mosque, the Byblos Wax Museum, the Byblos Fossil Museum, the famous Byblos Old Souk, and the Byblos International Festival.

Byblos Castle was built in the 12th century near the port in the archaeological site. The old medieval part of Jbeil is bounded by walls running about 200m from north to south and about 270m from east to west. The Sultan Abdul Majid mosque near the castle was built in mid 1600s by the Mamluks (Al-Mamaleek) and was renovated by Sultan Abdul Majid. As for the Byblos Wax Museum, it has wax statues of different characters who were from Phoenician times to our current days. The Byblos Fossil Museum on the other hand has a wide collection of fossilized sharks, fish and flying fish, eel, and other marine life animals, some of which are thousands of years old. In the south eastern part of Jbeil, specifically near the archaeological site entrance is an old souk where tourists usually shop for Lebanese souvenirs and antiques, or simply stroll along the old cobblestone streets and enjoy the ancient architecture of the city. Finally, the Byblos International Festival is a huge annual summer music festival that takes place in the historic part of Jbeil.

Jbeil map
Jbeil by night

What to Expect

As for education, Jbeil is home to big schools like the Lebanese American University which opened its Byblos campus for the Medical School, the School of Architecture and Design, the Engineering School, the School of Business, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the Pharmacy School which is the only accredited Pharmacy School in the MENA region. LAU’s Byblos campus overlooks Jbeil city and the Mediterranean Sea.

If you wish to spend a month during your summer vacation in Jbeil or enjoy snow time in this old city, you might want to consider looking for a chalet for rent in Jbeil rather than buying one. Buying a chalet in Jbeil might not be convenient for you in case you don’t plan to spend a considerable amount of time there. Even if you plan to spend some time in Jbeil, let’s say a month or two, it’s still not frequent enough so you would opt for buying a chalet. Available chalets for rent in Jbeil are less frequent to find than chalets for rent in Batroun or chalets for rent in Kesrouane for instance. So once you find what you’re looking for in Jbeil, make sure to take action at your earliest. Not that you need to blindly rent one as soon as you find it, but do your research without taking so much time.

Spending a vacation in Jbeil can be very exciting, especially that this city has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment facilities and historical sightseeing. Jbeil simply has its own blend of history and modern living so you really want to give it a try! Search online and for “chalets for rent in Jbeil” or “chalet for rent in Jbeil” and let the hunt begin!