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Apartments for Rent in Jbeil

Mediterranean cities in Mount Lebanon have a lot to offer you especially if you’re looking for apartments for rent in Jbeil. Rental fees of an apartment for rent in Jbeil ranges between $500 and $1,700 per month which are less expensive than many apartments for rent in Mount Lebanon. Most popular apartments for rent in Jbeil are apartments for rent in Blat and Laqlouq. Lower rental fees are usually in Blat, Gherfine and Halat. On the other hand, apartments for rent in Laqloulq, Aamchit and Ghalboun have higher rental fees. In general, apartments for rent in Jbeil are between 50 and 1,200 sqm in size, and consist of 2 to 4 bedrooms.

“Byblos” or “Jbeil” the Lebanese way, is a Mediterranean city located in Mount Lebanon. Jbeil is about 42 km north of Beirut and is one of the main touristic attractions in Lebanon due to its cultural, historical, and entertaining attractions. Finding an apartment for rent in Jbeil allows you to enjoy proximity to Jbeil’s Ancient Phoenician monuments, the Sultan Abdul Majid mosque, the Byblos Castle, the Byblos Fossil Museum, the Byblos Wax Museum, and the famous Byblos Old Souk. Jbeil has one of Lebanon’s most known universities like LAU Jbeil Campus which has a medical school, engineering school, architecture and design school, arts and sciences school, business school and the only accredited pharmacy school in MENA.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

Before searching online for apartments for rent in Jbeil make sure to decide on all the criteria. After having all the criteria that you’re looking for in mind, input the numbers in the search engine. Inputting the criteria in the search engine will filter the results to show apartments for rent in Jbeil that match your requirements only. This not only makes the process of scanning easier, but also saves you so much time. You will end up with a couple of apartments for rent in Jbeil to choose between. Carefully pick an apartment for rent in Jbeil and try to compare between the apartments in a logical manner. First, consider the distance between the apartment for rent in Jbeil and your workplace, university, and other most visited places by you. Second, inspect the apartments for rent for Jbeil. Check for signs that might be indicators for future problems that you are better off without. Check for signs of water leakage from water cycles, walls and ceilings. Make sure that all the windows and doors are working just fine. The recency of the building also impacts maintenance costs and effort. Third, compare the apartment and building amenities like electricity and water availability, elevator, internet and TV connection, security, parking spots, etc. Also make sure to take into consideration other criteria that are of high importance to you. Conducting an organized and quick comparison will help you pick the right apartment for rent in Jbeil!