Apartments for rent in Mansourieh, El Metn

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Apartments for rent in Mansourieh

Many get confused about what’s best for them, to look for an apartment for sale in El Metn or an apartment for rent. Specialists suggest that if you have the enough budget to buy an apartment and are willing to reside in it for longer than 5 years then buying the apartment might be right for you. On the other hand, if you’re willing to temporarily stay in the apartment and currently don’t have the budget for buying, renting an apartment might be better for you. Specialists also recommend that your rental and other housing fees don’t exceed 35% of your monthly income.

Apartments for rent in El Metn are generally less expensive than apartments for rent in Beirut and are most available in Mansourieh, Broumana, Beit Meri, and Ain Saadeh. Apartments of relatively expensive rental fees are apartments for rent in Rabieh, Baabdat, Beit El Chaar. Apartments for rent in Rabieh or Baabdat for instance can go beyond a $10,000 per month which serves as a more luxurious option to go for. Rental fees of apartments for rent in Mansourieh on the other hand range between $500 and $1,700 per month. An apartment for sale in Mansourieh is usually between 70 and 250 sqm, consisting of one bedroom to 4 bedrooms. Many apartments for rent in Mansourieh come with a terrace or a garden, and have a sea or mountain view and sometimes both.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

Before renting an apartment make sure to thoroughly read the rental contract and understand the points which the apartment for rent in Mansourieh’s owner have listed. This is very important to avoid future conflicts on issues like apartment maintenance and decor costs. Some apartment owners pay for all maintenance costs of the apartment for sale in Mansourieh while others don’t. Certain owners of apartments for sale in Mansourieh would allow you to change in the apartment’s interior design from wall color, floorings, door handles, and other details while others ensure that you don’t change a thing in the apartment. Other than that, make sure to conduct a general inspection for the apartments for rent in Mansourieh before you sign the contract. Check for possible major issues in the apartment like water leakage from walls, ceilings, or even water cycles. Make sure that the windows and doors are working just fine and pay attention to small details that might be indicators for underlying problems. Also compare the apartment amenities and available services like the availability of electricity providers, parking spots, internet and TV cables. The distance between the apartment for rent in Mansourieh and your workplace for instance or other frequently visited places plays a big role in choosing an apartment for rent in Mansourieh. This impacts commuting times and transportation costs which can have a big effect on your saving plans.