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Finding an Apartment for Rent in Baabda

Apartments for rent in Mount Lebanon are distributed over El Metn, Baabda, Kesrouane, Aley and Jbeil. If you’re looking for a luxurious apartment for rent, you might want to look for apartments for rent in Yarzeh, Baabdat and Rabieh. If you’re looking for a less expensive apartment for rent for instance, you might want to look for apartments for rent in Klayaat, Blat and Shayle. You can find apartments for rent in Baabda for $700 to $10,000 per month. THe size of apartments for rent in Baabda vary between 100 and 600 sqm, consisting of 2 to 5 bedrooms.

There are several things to inspect about an apartment before renting it. Your evaluation needs to start before entering the apartment. Start taking note from the moment you enter the building. Make sure that all the lock of the residential building are secure, and that the entry systems are perfectly working. Does the building have security cameras or security guards? As you walk through the hallways look around you. Are there signs of neglect like peeling paint or some trash around? Signs of neglect imply that the building managers are not following up and chances are they won’t be there to assist you once you move in. On your way up to the apartment, check if the elevator is safe and well-maintained. Now that you’re about to enter the apartment, see whether the door lock is safe enough. One of the first things you’d notice about an apartment is its walls and floors. Have a look at the floor and walls to check for any damage.

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How to Inspect an Apartment

Are there any major holes in the wall? Are the floor tiles in place? In case the apartment had a central AC, try turning the AC on to check that it’s working just fine. If the apartment didn’t have a central AC, you need to consider the cost of buying several ACs for the whole apartment too. Head into the bathrooms an open all faucets to check the water pressure and quality. If the water pressure is low, you might have to buy water frequently which again adds u to your monthly costs. Besides, is the water clear enough or does it have sand and dust? Flush the toilets to detect any potential problems. Is there water leakage in the bathroom, maybe around the toilet seat or shower? Have a look at the sink in the presence of the property manager to take note of any previous damage to the porcelain. Check the cabinet under the sink to note any leakage of water as well. Toilet issues can be really annoying and costly to repair. Then go into the kitchen to check the cabinets, sinks, and sewer. If you were inspecting a furnished apartment for rent, check that all the kitchen appliances are working just fine. Make sure to take a camera with you to take a picture of any damaged part of the apartment and note it down. Let the apartment manager take note of every damaged part of the apartment too.