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Finding a Duplex for Rent in Lebanon

Living in a big space doesn’t have to mean holding a lot of responsibilities. It’s true that living in a villa can be hectic especially that you’d be your own building’s manager, yet there’s a more convenient alternative available. A duplex for rent in Lebanon is becoming quite popular for those who are looking for something between spacious apartment living and living in a villa. Living in a villa means that you’d be the manager of your own building, taking care of all its management aspects from security to maintenance and repair. You'll need to make sure that you’re living in a safe and secure residence by hiring the right security team and implementing effective monitoring systems. When it comes to electricity and water supply, you will need to provide your villa with a source of electricity during daily cut offs by probably buying your own electric generator. In case your villa didn’t have its own water well, there are lots of water providers that can come right to your residence. You’d want to expect water shortage ahead of time in order to book an appointment with a water transporter. If your villa had a garden or a backyard, you need to take good care of the greenery by watering plants and adding pesticides. You also have to handle insects and rodents control in your own home and always monitor for any traces. If this sounds overwhelming to you, there’s a less demanding alternative as we mentioned above; which is living in a duplex. You can find a duplex for rent in Lebanon mainly in Mount Lebanon, Beirut & North.

Duplex Interior
Duplex for rent in Lebanon

What to Expect

The price of a duplex for rent in Lebanon can range between $750 and $8,000 per month depending on the location and size of the duplex. Duplexes usually consist of 2 to 7 bedrooms of size 150 to 1,500 sqm. You can find a duplex for sale in Mount Lebanon mainly in Kesrouane, Baabda and El Metn. If you’re looking for a luxurious duplex, search for duplexes for rent in Rabieh, Mtayleb or Biyada. Less expensive duplexes can be found in Bsalim, Safra and Klayaat. In Beirut, you can find a duplex in Achrafieh, Solidere and Down Town. Duplexes for rent in Achrafieh have been booming lately, especially those with high-end finishing. The most affordable duplex you might find is a duplex for rent in the North especially in Tripoli Koura, and Batroun.

So before you start your online search for a “duplex for rent in lebanon”, decide where exactly you want to live. Consider the time between where you want to live and your workplace, this is something that will affect your time management, commuting times and transportation costs. Before you make an actual purchase, conduct a general inspection for the duplex. Check that there’s nothing major is wrong with the walls, ceilings, floors, window and doors, water and electricity supply, toilets and kitchen. This will help you minimize the risk of getting surprised in the future with major maintenance costs and efforts.