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Choosing a Chalet for Rent in Lebanon

One does not always have to travel abroad to look for new adventures; in fact, holidays in Lebanon can get really exciting! Whether you’re looking for a short weekend getaway or a well-spent long vacation, finding a chalet for rent in to stay at totally adds an element of excitement to your vacation experience.

What’s really special about coming to choose your own chalet to rent in Lebanon is that you have the option to go for a mountain experience or a sea experience.

Chalets for rent in Mount Lebanon are very popular especially chalets for rent in Kfarzebian and chalets for rent Fakra. Mount Lebanon is a mountain range in Lebanon which averages above 2,500 m in elevation. It extends along the entire country for about 170 km parallel to the Mediterranean coast.

You can enjoy plenty of mountain activities during your stay depending on the season you’re renting in. Skiing is the most popular fun activity to go for during snow time. Lebanon is home to six ski resorts on the Mount Lebanon range of a combined 49 ski lifts with pistes totaling 300 km in length. So if you’re looking for chalets to rent in Lebanon, snowboarding, mountain biking, motorbike expedition and hiking are also options for fun activities to try during your stay.

On the other hand, if you’re more into mornings that are all about some coffee with a sea view, there are plenty of chalets for rent in Lebanon by the coastal side especially in the North of Lebanon.

Chalet with snowy mountain view
Chalet with sea view

Rent Chalets in Lebanon

Batroun for example, is a coastal city in the Northern side of Lebanon which has a major beach resort that is known for being one of the cleanest rock and pebble beaches in Lebanon. If you go for a chalet by the beach, you can enjoy many fun activities like parasailing, windsurfing, sport fishing, jet skiing and much more!

Every chalet for rent in Lebanon is unique in its own way, you have to do your own research and compare the different market offerings. When you’re looking for a chalet to rent you need to compare the available chalet locations, areas, amenities, and don’t miss out on looking for fun activities that can be done in nearby locations. When it comes to the chalet design and area, you can find a chalet as cozy as 50sqm or as huge as 1500sqm. It really depends on whether you’re going for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or alone in search of peace of mind. Amenities available also differ between one chalet and the other, but most chalets for rent in Lebanon provide you with the luxury of a private garden, shared or private gym and pool.

In conclusion, vacations in Lebanon can get really exciting when you rent your own chalet to stay at. Whether it’s a chalet with a sea or mountain view, or whether it was winter or summer time, you can always try to make the best out of your experience. Lebanon is the house of high-end chalets to rent where you can spend good times with your family, loved ones, or peacefully on your own. Decide on what you want for your vacation and the hunting for your chalet becomes super easy!