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Properties in Beqaa

The governorate of the Beqaa is split into two, single district constituencies: Zahlé and West Beqaa-Rashaya. Zahle is the capital city of the Beqaa Governorate and it is a very well known city in Beqaa. Apartments for rent in Zahle start from $300 per month and can go up to $1,100, if you compare apartments for rent in Zahle to apartments for rent in Hamra you would realize that the cheapest apartment in Hamra is at $1,200. Not to forget that if you are looking to buy an apartment in Zahle it would cost you at least $40,000 but again if we compare it to an apartment in Hamra for sale it would cost you $240,000 which is $200,000 more. With $200,000 more you would be able to buy land in Bekaa and make it a business.


What you can do in Beqaa

Many lands in Bekaa are made as farms or green fields. Some lands for rent in Beqaa are rented out to farmers in order for them to harvest, other lands are directed by farmers but the organization is run by the land owners. Many office for rent in Beqaa are found in centers that may also have shops for sale or shops for rent in Beqaa. Beqaa has various shopping centers and restaurants that are well known to the public, whether Lebanese locals or tourists. There are many ancient ruins and various mountain sides with beautiful views that you can also visit whilst in Beqaa.