Studios for Rent in Achrafieh

If you’re starting a new phase in your life that requires an independent and minimalist lifestyle, you’re probably already searching for studios for rent in Beirut. Each area in Beirut has its own look and feel which you need to discover by yourself in order to pick the one which suits you most. You can get around Beirut either walking or by car to discover its streets and neighborhoods. If you’re moving in with someone, take them with you. This will help you take a mutual decision which you both feel comfortable about. Think about the distance between where you’d want to live and your workplace for example, or the kids’ school and other places you frequently visit. This doesn’t only affect you commuting times, but also transportation costs. If you usually commute in your car, check for available parking spots in neighborhoods you like. If you’re planning to use public transportation on the other hand, make sure that it is available in the neighborhood. Another important aspect about the neighborhood is whether it fits your lifestyle and self image or not. If you’re an outgoing and active person, you’d enjoy living in a vibrant walking community where you can keep your physical activity high and have some fun around. On the other hand, if you’re a quiet person who loves relaxing at home, you’d enjoy living in a quiet neighborhood away from the noise of neighbors and cars. A good idea to find what’s it like to stay in the neighborhood might be visiting it during many times of the day. Mornings and nights in a neighborhood are usually quite different especially when it comes to traffic and noise in addition to available parking spaces. If you’re still lost whether to look for studios for sale in Beirut or for rent, specialists have a say here.

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Picking Your Studio

If you’re planning to stay in the apartment for less than five years; renting might be a better option for you. Also make sure that your rental and housing fees don’t exceed 35% of your monthly income. One of the most popular studios in Beirut are studios for rent in Achrafieh where you can find almost all facilities you need around. What attracts many to stay in Achrafieh is that it combines almost all they need in a city. Whether it’s the shopping, dining, entertainment, education and medical care; it’s all there. Residents from all around Lebanon go to Achrafieh for its exclusive outlets and entertainment experience which makes it an attractive destination to many. Since studios have been recently booming, it’s very likely that you’d find a studio for rent in Achrafieh in a modern building that has the amenities you need. Living in a studio apartment for rent in Achrafieh can come with many pros for you. Studios help you save money since you save the extra money which you would’ve paid over a bigger space you don’t need. It also allows you to live in cooler parts of the city, stay in a de-cluttered environment and help you multitask at home. Go online and search for “studio apartment for rent in Achrafieh” and insert all your criteria. While you visit the apartments, take note of what you like and dislike to make taking a decision easier. If you weren’t sure about which studio for rent in Achrafieh to pick, try consulting a real estate agent.