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Properties for Rent in Hamra

Hamra is one of Beirut’s few areas that can be classified as commercial and residential at once. It can be divided into three main zones: Makdissi Street, Bliss Street and Hamra Main Street. Commercial properties for rent in Hamra are quite popular especially offices, retail spaces, shops and warehouses. Offices for rent in Hamra can be rented starting $1,500 to $12,500. They’d usually range between 40 and 1,000 sqm in size which suits different company sizes. If you’re planning to open a boutique in Hamra, you can find a shop or a retail space in Hamra between $2,000 to $30,000 per month depending on location and space. Most popular residential property type for sale in Hamra would be apartments. You can find an apartment for something between $1,000 and $10,000 per month. What’s interesting about Hamra is that it has apartments suitable for almost everyone who wishes to reside in Beirut. Students and young professional can find lots of studio apartments for rent as well as one bedroom apartments. Big families or students who want to share an apartment would also find a lot of options in the market. Apartments in Hamra can reach up to 500 sqm in size consisting of four to five bedrooms.

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Picking a Property

If you’re not familiar with Hamra as an area, park aside and get down on your feet. Walk around its streets and neighborhoods to discover its look and feel. This will give you a sense of the ambience and whether it matches your lifestyle or not. Different zones in Hamra match different lifestyles. Bliss in Hamra for instance is more about student life since it is home to the American University of Beirut, not to mention the tens of food kiosks,cafes and restaurants facing the AUB campus. Hamra also has zones that are pure residential and more suitable for families and young professionals. Before you rent an apartment in Hamra, make sure that you get an idea of the market offerings including property specifications and prices. Visit the property and conduct a general inspection for it to discover any present damages and problems with the property. You can consult a real estate agent who operates in Hamra to help you take a better informed decision.