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Properties for Rent in Achrafieh

Most properties for rent in Achrafieh range from apartments, duplexes, whole buildings to villas. You can rent an apartment in Achrafieh for $900 per month up to $10,000. Achrafieh has convenient options for both young professionals and families who are looking for a new place to call home. Hundreds or one bedroom apartments and even studios are available for rent in Achrafieh. Bigger apartments that reach 500 sqm in size and consist of up to 5 bedrooms are also available. Duplexes andvillas for rent in Achrafieh come next as a space upgrade compared to apartments. You can find a villa and a duplex for rent in Achrafieh for around $10,000 & $4,000 per month respectively. Whole buildings for rent are also available and you might find one for as low as $14,000 per month.

Achrafieh is considered to be one of the main prime locations of Beirut that merges between commercial and residential activities smoothly at many times. It’s the hub of shopping in Beirut; whether affordable or high-end fashion. It’s also home to tens of cafes and restaurants which makes it a destination for fun outings and business meetings in Beirut. Achrafieh is also close to other main location in Beirut like Down Town, which is 10 minutes away. If you aren’t familiar with Achrafieh, park aside and walk around. The look and feel of Achrafieh that you get while walking is different than that while driving in a car.

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How to Pick Your Property

You will notice something special about the area which is that it beautifully merges between modern and traditional architecture at many spots. Take note of any local shop or place that you want quick access to like grocery stores or pharmacies. This will help you pick the most suitable neighborhood for you.

There are several things you need to figure out before renting an apartment in Achrafieh in order to take a convenient decision. First, figure out where exactly in Achrafieh you’d like to stay. Pick a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle so you quickly adjust and adapt there. Then, think about the number of bedrooms you need. How many people will be living in the apartment? Is it just you and your spouse? Or your big family? This usually determines the size of the space you need so you don’t find yourself staying in a space that doesn’t comfortably suit you. Before you sign the contract, make sure that you check for ana present damages in the property and inform the property manager about it. Remember, you can consult a real estate agent to help you make a better informed decision.