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Finding an apartment for rent in Beirut

As the coastal capital of Lebanon, Beirut has plenty to offer anyone looking to find a modern apartment for rent set in a bustling city that always entertains.

The general vibe of Beirut is beyond compare and the very cosmopolitan lifestyle afforded through its coastal location is unlike any other. Beirut is vibrant and dotted with plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and busy streets filled with cars and people alike.

Beirut boasts apartments of varying styles that cover everything from cosy 1 bedroom to 3 and 4 bedroom apartments for those who need the extra space. The European and Middle Eastern influences are evident from both the outside architecture and interior design so there’s much to look out for when house hunting. Kitting out an apartment is easy enough with the many furniture and homeware stores around catering to every whim and fancy.

Renting an apartment in Beirut is affordable and landlords are always looking to draw in tenants for the long term. As more people opt to venture beyond Beirut for housing, rents have become more attractive as landlords seek to gain and retain tenants. Local laws are neutral so renters need not worry about bias in case of any disputes.

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Beirut Apartments for rent

You don’t have to look far to find a furnished apartment and the quality of interiors is usually to a high standard, leaving you with little to do in order to turn the apartment into a warm welcoming home.

One of the most popular and oldest parts of town is Achrafieh which is place many have grown and loved to call home. For those looking for a busier, more upscale lifestyle, apartments for rent in Ras Beirut would match their requirements. It’s where the American University of Beirut is located and always has students floating about. The wonderful sea views are definitely a big plus here.

Apartments for rent in Ain Al Mraisehoffer modern living where you’ll also find many furnished apartments for rent. Residents also talk fondly of finding equally impressive rental apartments in Hamra.

Apartment life in Beirut is fun and exciting. Rentals remain affordable and the coastal views of Beirut are always spectacular. When renting an apartment in Beirut, you really can’t go wrong - after all, you’re in the Paris of the Middle East!