Finding an apartment for Rent in Saifi Village

Among all Lebanese cities, many choose to live in Beirut. This vibrant city has a lot to offer when it comes to hospitality, education, retail, entertainment and education. Apartments for rent in Beirut can highly differ in term of recency, finishing and rental fees. If you’re looking for affordable apartments for rent, you might want to search among apartments for rent in Mazraa, Tayyouneh or Ras El-Nabaa. If you’re looking for a more luxurious offering, search among apartments for rent in Koraytem, Achrafieh or Saifi Village. Among highly researched terms online is "Saifi Village apartments for rent". Saifi Village is perceived by many as an upscale neighborhood located near Down Town Beirut. This modern village is bordered by Rue Charles Debbas, Rue George Haddad, Rue Gouraud and Rue Ariss & Kanaani. The neighborhood was destroyed during the Lebanese war and renovated later on by Solidere who completely rebuilt the village in a French style. Saifi village was initially designed by Francois Spoerry- a French architect- and a couple of other prominent Lebanese architects like Nabil Gholam. In brief, Saifi Village is modern urbanist-style village, with a neighborhood of cobblestone streets, town houses, apartment buildings and many local design shops. Shops in Saifi village range from local fashion and art boutiques to luxury car dealerships like Ferrari. The village also has a couple of gardens filled with seasonal flowers, shrubs and trees.

Before you start searching online for “Saifi Village Apartments for rent”, think about where exactly in Saifi Village do you want to stay. You would want to stay somewhere near your workplace and other most visited places. What’s very interesting about staying in Saifi Village is its proximity to the city’s most popular retail, entertainment and hospitality businesses.

apartment for sale in Saifi Village
Saifi Village streets

Why Saifi Village?

Saifi Village is 5 minutes away from Beirut Souks, a commercial district in Down Town with over 150 shops, 20 restaurants & cafes, a children’s play area, entertainment center, and a huge cinema complex. Living near your most visited places can help you cut on transportation costs, commuting times and increase your physical activity since you might decide to walk around. It’s recommended that you take around 7,000 to 10,000 steps per day which might be difficult on you to maintain with a busy schedule. However if you walk around instead of using your car you can easily reach this target. Now think about what kind of apartment would you like to rent. How many people are going to live in that apartment? Do you want to dedicate an extra room or two for certain activities like sports or art? If you’re looking for an apartment for rent to live on your own at, one or two bedrooms can be more than enough for you. If you’re newly married, you might want to rent an apartment that consists of at least two bedrooms; you wouldn’t want to worry about finding another apartment in case you decide to have a new baby soon. Besides, ask yourself questions like do you want access to a gym or a pool? This will help you know which buildings to search in. You also need to think about the budget that you can afford spending over rent and housing. Consider your expenses and debt. What fixed costs do you have to pay every month and how much do you usually get to save? Can you afford paying that specific amount of money over rent and manage to save some money at the same time? Go online and insert all your criteria in the search engine before scanning results of "Saifi Village apartments for rent". Be objective while answering all these questions so you can make a better informed decision.