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Apartments for Rent

Lebanon has an area of 10,452 km² with a population of 6 million people, but every district in this small country gives you a different vibe. Living in the North has different traditions than the South district. If you are a tourist in Lebanon or you are Lebanese looking to be touristic in your own country, then looking for apartments for rent in Lebanon might be your best bet. Apartments for rent can be found in each and every city of every district you are interested in but they all differ in price depending on the city you are keen on visiting. An apartment for rent in Beirut Lebanon might cost you anywhere from $400 to $10,000 monthly depending on the area and size you are going for. Whereas an apartment for rent in another district such as Bekaa might cost you for the $10,000 apartment in Beirut a mere $1,000. 

An alternative guide to residing in Beirut if you are on a budget is to search for small apartments for rent in Beirut or a studio for rent in Beirut. A small apartment for rent in Beirut should not exceed $800 monthly. Most cheap apartments for rent in Beirut are found on the outskirts of what is considered the hub of Beirut, it usually consists of cities such as Mar Elias or Dahye where areas are usually lower in price per sqm than areas such as Downtown or Marm Khayel. Apartments for rent in Beirut Lebanon are scoured all over the district since most people find it too expensive to purchase an apartment and instead buy an apartment in the outskirts of Lebanon or in their villages. 

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Small furnished apartment for rent in Beirut

Area Matters

Most Lebanese that live in the far out South or North find it more financially derivable to live in Beirut than to come and go on a daily basis to their hometown. Many furnished apartments for rent in Lebanon are therefor found on the market in order to satisfy the demand of those that are unwilling in investing in their own furniture. There are also various university students that reside in Beirut and move back to their hometown after attaining their degree, these students also look for a furnished apartment for rent in Lebanon. In Lebanon furnished apartments for rent are not found as intensely in the outskirts of Beirut as in the heart of Beirut; nevertheless various flats for rent in Lebanon can be found. A flat for rent in Lebanon can be found in a mere couple of days since there is a huge stock of developmental properties taking place in Lebanon. An apartment for rent in Lebanon usually precedes of all the room utilities such as a kitchen, two bathrooms one for guests and another for the homeowners, and a living room and of course a bedroom. Some apartment for rent Lebanon might extend some other utilities such as an oven, washing machine, and sometimes as much as a microwave might also be intact with the apartment. Lebanon apartments for rent are usually always bound by contracts that keep both the renter and rentee safe. As all apartments for rent Lebanon apartment for rent are no different when it comes to the payment methods of advanced payments and electrical as well as water bills.