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Commercial Shops for rent

Whether you’re planning to open a new high-end boutique, a casual cafe, or a even a big retail store, commercial shops for sale in Beirut and for rent are widely available. Each kind of business requires a different area to operate in and a specific shop size. If you’re looking for a shop for rent in Beirut to open your new high-end boutique for example, you might want to look for shops for rent in Clemenceau, Verdun, or Sodeco. However, if you’re opening a new fancy restaurant or cafe, Minet El Hosn and Down Town can be a suitable choice for you.

You can find a shop for rent in Beirut in different areas and for different prices, however price and size are not always matching. In Beirut, areas where shops fall play a huge role in determining rental fees, as you might pay 10 times more over a small shop that falls in a luxurious street than you might pay on a bigger shop in a less fancy area.

The starting rental fee for a shop for rent in Beirut is around $750 per month, and rental fees can go up to $20,000 per month in fancy areas. As mentioned above, it’s possible to find a shop for rent in Beirut for less than a $1,000 however it’s very uncommon. Most shops for rent in Beirut are for more than a $1,000 or even a $1,500 per month. What needs to be noted here is that shops that are around 60 sqm or less are the ones between a $1000 and $2,000 per month.

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Market Offerings

However, if you wish to find a shop for rent in Beirut that’s bigger than a 100 sqm, you’ll have to pay more than $2,000 per month. Areas where you can find shops for rent in Beirut below $3,000 per month or above $15,000 can be the very same ones. This because not all shops for rent in Beirut are similar in specifications and areas. Small shops for rent in Beirut are highly popular, especially ones below 60 sqm, which you can find at relatively lower prices in fancy areas. Some areas of high rental fees per square meter are Achrafieh, Clemenceau, Down Town, Verdun, and Minet El Hosn.

There are shops in other areas that are considered less fancy than the ones mentioned above but might be good enough depending on your kind of business like shops for rent in Sodeco, Sassine, Manara, and Gemayzeh.

However, if you’re looking a spacious shop for rent in Beirut you need to expect paying more than a $10,000 per month. In some fancy areas for example, shops for rent in Beirutthat are above 500 sqm are for around $15,000 per month. In Down Town for example, a 400 sqm shop can for around a $20,000 per month.

Before you start your online search for shops for rent in Beirut, conduct a business plan and find out the size of shop your business needs and what kind of location would be suitable to operate in. Input all your criteria in the search engine along with your budget before starting the search, this will save you time by narrowing down the result to ones that match your needs only.