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Hotel Apartment

1,600,000 USD

Hotel Apartment Fully Furnished for Sale in Byblos

Blat, Jbeil, Byblos, Mount Lebanon

1,890 sqm

Whole Building

6,500,000 USD

Exclusive Listing ! Whole Buiding for Sale in Sahel Alma

Sahel Alma, Kesrouane, Mount Lebanon

1,324 sqm


16,000 USD

Store for Sale 24m2

Mazraat Yachouh, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

24 sqm


200,000 USD

Spacious Land for Sale in Faytroun

Faitroun, Kesrouane, Mount Lebanon

1,225 sqm

Whole Building

10,000,000 USD

Building For Sale in Nahr Ibrahim With A Sea View

Nahr Ibrahim, Jbeil, Byblos, Mount Lebanon

3,800 sqm

Office Space

240,000 USD

GF Office for Sale In Horch Tabet

Horch Tabet, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

166 sqm


400,000 USD

Land for Sale in Aamchit

Aamchit, Jbeil, Byblos, Mount Lebanon

4,300 sqm


110,000 USD

Lowest Price For This 300 sqm Warehouse KM60295

Ghazir, Kesrouane, Mount Lebanon

1 bathroom

300 sqm


265,000 USD

Spacious Land for Sale in Tourzaiya

Tourzaiyya, Jbeil, Byblos, Mount Lebanon

5,250 sqm

Whole Building

7,000,000 USD

Marvelous Building For Sale in a prime Location in Downtown

Down Town, Beirut, Beirut

270 sqm


155,000 USD

Land for Sale in Ajaltoun with a Lovely View

Ajaltoun, Kesrouane, Mount Lebanon

1,020 sqm

Office Space

600,000 USD

Luxurious Grand Office Space in Antelias

Antelias, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

230 sqm


5,500,000 USD

Land for sale in Saifi

Saifi, Beirut, Beirut

550 sqm


182,000 USD

Land for sale in Fakra with A Panoramic View

Faqra, Kesrouane, Mount Lebanon

520 sqm


70,000 USD

55 SQM SHOP in Sin el fil for sale 70000$ KB60525

Sin El Fil, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

1 bathroom

55 sqm


11,000 USD

Warehouse For sale in Roumieh

Roumieh, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

1 bathroom

150 sqm


295,000 USD

Land in Araya for Sale with an open view

Aaraiya, Baabda, Mount Lebanon

1,095 sqm


110,000 USD

Spacious Land For Sale in Alita

Aalita, Jbeil, Byblos, Mount Lebanon

850 sqm

Office Space

975,000 USD

Open space Office for Sale in Achrafieh

Achrafieh, Beirut, Beirut

3 bathrooms

420 sqm


767,000 USD

Spacious Land for Sale in Chalimar

Baabdat, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

1,180 sqm


125,000 USD

Warehouse for sale in Monteverde

Monteverde, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

400 sqm


600,000 USD

warehouse for sale in Ain Najem

Ain Najm, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

600 sqm


250,000 USD

Spacious Land for Sale in Beit Meri

Beit Meri, El Metn, Mount Lebanon

845 sqm


4,200,000 USD

Land for Sale in Gemmayze Achrafieh

Achrafieh, Beirut, Beirut

479 sqm


29,999 USD

30 SQM SHOP for only 29999$ in Ain remeneh KB60528

Ain El Remmaneh, Baabda, Mount Lebanon

1 bathroom

30 sqm