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Investing in an Commercial Land for Sale in Lebanon

Many property types have been recently highly demanded in Lebanon. Besides small apartments for sale in Lebanon, “commercial lands for sale Lebanon” have been highly demanded too.

Small properties for sale in Lebanon are at many times demanded for investment purposes, the owner can benefit from the monthly rental income which can be signed on yearly basis. On the other hand, commercial lands for sale are also demanded for investment purposes, yet owners invest in businesses built on those lands instead. Categories of commercial real estate in general are leisure, retail, office, industrial and healthcare. Business centers, retail and leisure are the most booming categories in the Lebanese real estate. The concept on business center have been internationally adopted thus highly demanded in Lebanon, business center include facilities for offices like a common conference room, common cafeteria, business coffee shops, etc. As for retail, beside shopping centers, fashion boutiques are becoming quite popular in Lebanon. Restaurant and cafes are one of the most desired investments in Lebanon, which has a lot to do with the Lebanese culture. Lebanese citizens usually cut on shopping costs when in difficult financial situation but little on food. However, one needs to note that each area is suitable for different investments. In Beirut for instance, restaurants and cafes are more likely to open in areas like Achrafieh, Verdun, Gemmayze, Down Town and so. As for industrial purposes, it’s very unlikely for a factory to operate in highly populated area unlike retail and leisure.

“Commercial lands for sale Lebanon” are mainly widely spread over Mount Lebanon, the North and South, Nabatieh and Beirut. In general, the price of a land for sale varies between $59,000 and $19,800,000. Size of lands also vary between around 257 and 350,000 sqm.

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Market Offerings

Commercial lands for sale in Mount Lebanon are mainly available in El Metn, Kesrouane, and Baabda. The price of a land for sale in Lebanon specifically in Mount Lebanon varies between $100,000 and $20,000,000, while the size of a land for sale in Lebanon there varies between around 250 and 57,200 sqm. A land for sale in Raachine, Mechmech, Zaarour and Bhamdoun are usually less expensive that lands for sale in Hazmieh, Berj Hammoud, Shayle, and Roumieh.

As for commercial lands for sale in the North, their prices vary between $59,000 and $6,000,000, while the size of a land for sale varies between around 600 and 350,000 sqm. Douma and Batroun for instance have lands for sale which are less expensive than the ones in Chekka, Anfe and Barghoun.

Commercial lands for sale in Beirut on the other hand are less available and much more expensive. The price of a land for sale in Beirut vary between 2,600,00 and 18,000,000 and can vary between 300 sqm and 2000 sqm in size. You’re most probably going to find a more expensive land for sale in areas like Achrafieh, Koraytem, Ramlet Al-Bayda, Verdun, Solidere. On the other hand, a less expensive land for sale can be found in areas likes Mazraa, Nowayri, Tariq El Jdideh and Cola.

Moving on to the South, most lands for sale are located in Saida and Jezzine. Prices vary between $180,000 and $1,000,000, while areas can vary between 480 and 4,200 sqm. Lands for sale in Saida are usually more expensive than lands for sale in Ain El Mir, Jezzine, and Ghaziyeh. As for lands for sale in Nabatieh, they’re sold on average for $800,000.

Decide on what category of commercial real estate you will be operating in before starting your online search for “lands for sale Lebanon”, this will help you decide on which area to look for and will narrow down the search results to save you effort and time.