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Finding a villa for sale in Lebanon

Since the 1960’s, Lebanon has been known as the “Switzerland of the East” and has since been a tourist attraction for its vast beaches and green mountains. It is famous for having a mild climate with four different seasons, where you can even enjoy skiing and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea all in the same day.

Much of the country’s infrastructure was damaged through various conflicts and in recent times, there have been extensive efforts to revive the economy and rebuild all infrastructures, through highways and millions of properties. This has helped spark a revival in the real estate industry in Lebanon.

Lebanon is situated at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and the Arabian hinterland, and boasts a melting pot of ethnic and religious backgrounds. It is a land where everyone is welcome. It also boasts a potpourri of properties for purchase, including numerous villas for sale in Mount Lebanon and the North.

In Lebanon, many people like to live in villas for the comfort and the convenience. The quality of the villas is unmatched and no one can say that it is not a joy of living in one. No wonder why there is a big number of home buyers looking to buy a villa in Lebanon. They are beautiful, spacious and most of them boast unobstructed views.

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Villas in Lebanon

Also, Mount Lebanon is home to many popular areas, such as El Metn and Kesrouane which carry out the highest number of villas for sale in Lebanon. Villas for sale in El Metn and villas for sale in Kesrouane, as well as those in Batroun in the North, boast both sea and mountain views; a key feature when looking to buy a luxurious villa in this area.

For the most part, villas come with a terrace and a garden but do not come furnished. However their location in El Metn, which is around twenty minutes away from the capital Beirut, makes it a popular choice for potential buyers.

The number ofvillas for sale in Jbeil has also seen a rise in villa developments, and its location on the coast of Lebanon makes the city a spectacular home for beach lovers. It is known for its old souk and its architecture, where you can find many famous restaurants and cozy pubs.

The number of villas for sale in Lebanon has grown significantly with the country's determination to rebuild itself. It’s clear that whether you’re a first time home owner or a veteran, you’ll find a villa that suits you no matter where you choose to live in Lebanon.