Studios for Sale in Lebanon

Many people prefer buying a studio over a spacious apartment for sale in Lebanon. This usually depends on an individual’s lifestyle, budget, and number of residents. Prices of studios for sale in Lebanon usually range between $50,000 and $800,000. Studio apartments for sale in Lebanon are most available in Mount Lebanon and Beirut. Studios for sale in Mount Lebanon usually fall in Jbeil, EL Metn, and Baabda. Studios for sale in Beirut are mostly available in Achrafieh and Down Town areas.The size of studios for sale in Lebanon usually ranges between 50 and 150 sqm, with one to two bathrooms.

Finding studio apartments for sale in Lebanon can save you lots of money instead of paying it over extra space which you don’t need. The more rooms you have, the higher your bills are. Not to forget that buying one of the studio apartments for sale in Lebanon allows you to live in cooler parts of the country given the less expensive costs associated with owning a studio. This can save you lots of commuting times between where you live and workplace, and other restaurants and facilities. Add to that, less furniture fits in a studio apartment for sale in Lebanon than in an apartment with several rooms. This means that you have less space to fill so less money to spend over furniture. When it comes to the studio interior, everything you need there is located within the same room. Let’s say you prepared a drink then realized that you forgot it at the kitchen counter as soon as you sat on the couch; in a studio, you would have to walk two steps rather cross an entire home to grab your drink.

studio kitchen
studio interior

Living in a Studio

This also means that the time spent over searching for lost items is much less given that it’s somewhere few steps away. Living in studio apartments for sale in Lebanon forces you to keep only what you really love and need, since there’s no space for anything else. This means that you will buy much less furniture and keep little unnecessary items giving you a more organized ambience! With studio apartments for sale in Lebanon, forget about all the hectic cleaning! Cleaning tasks are diminished due to the little space, giving you more time to relax at home! Multi-tasking also becomes simpler when living in studio apartments for sale in Lebanon. All items you need are within reach, whether you were cooking, cleaning, keeping an eye on your child or even watching your favorite show on TV.

Before you start your online search for “studios for sale in Lebanon”, make sure to set your search criteria. Decide on the location, studio size and number of bathrooms that you need. This helps you narrow down the search results and saves you time lost over checking out studios for sale in Lebanon that don’t match your criteria. For a better informed decision you might want to consult a real estate professional.