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Properties for Sale in South

Most available property types for sale in South are Lands, apartments and villas. Lands for sale in South are mainly available in Saida, Jezzine and Tyre. You can buy a land in Saida for something between $20,000 and $20,000,000. Less expensive lands can be found in Anane, Ghaziyeh, and Maamriye while more expensive ones can be found in Aadloun, Darbessim and Kaoutariyet. Another area in South where lands are available is Jezzine that has a price range of around $45,000 to $4,000,000. More expensive lands in South can be found in Tyre that has a price range of around $450,000 to $5,000,000.

Apartments for sale in South are mainly available in Saida, Tyre and Jezzine as well. You can buy an apartment in Saida for a price between $45,000 and $350,000 that would range between 70 and 400 sqm. Maaroub, Kana, and Tair Debba are areas in Tyre where less expensive apartments can be found. Apartments for sale in Jezzine are relatively affordable of a 150 sqm average. Villas for sale in South are mainly available in Saida and Jezzine. If you’re buying a property for investment purposes, the South area has a lot to offer you.

What’s interesting about the South area is that it has a dynamic scene on weekends and vacations since there’s a high percentage of property owners who live in Beirut or abroad and visit their hometown during their days-off.

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Real Estate Investments

The geographic location of South area makes out of it a vacation destination for many, which in turn appeals to investors on hunt for real estate profits. There are hundreds of properties for sale in South that investors can enhance or simply put out for rent in order to generate profits from. If you’re looking for a new investment, the buying process is a bit different than that of buying a property for your personal use. When you’re planning to put your property out for rent or resell it at a higher price, the end-user is not you. Which means that the property needs to appeal to the market and not necessarily you. If the property you own is not marketable, you won’t be able to make any financial profit out of it. If on the other hand you’re planning to buy a property for your own use, figure your needs out and stick to them.

Both ways, do some market research before you take a purchase decision. Study the market prices and understand the dynamics, this will help you judge the offer you get. Remember, you can consult a real estate agent who operates in South to help you make a better informed decision.