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Properties For Sale in Saida

Saida city ranks third in area among Lebanese cities. It falls in South Lebanon at the Mediterranean coast, 40 km away from the North of Tyre, and 40 km south Beirut.

Properties for sale in Saida are widely available especially lands and apartments. You can find lands for sale in Saida in Qinnarit, Ghaziyeh, Maghdouche, Anane, Majdelyoun that are between 150 and 100,000 sqm in size. As for the prices there, they range between $20,000 and $17,000,000. If you’re looking for a residential property, you can find an apartment for sale in Saida that’s as small as 70 sqm or as big as 200 sqm. If you’re a young professional planning to live on your own, you might want to live in a studio. There are many motives for living in a studio especially not paying money over space you don’t need. Living in a studio gives you the chance to live a minimalist lifestyle away from sophistication and clutter. It also helps you save money since you need to buy less furniture for a small space. Not to mention multi-tasking that becomes easy since you can have all you need in your apartment at one place; you can for example be cooking, watching over your little one and keeping up with your favorite TV series all at once. If you’re a newly married on the other hand and are planning to have a baby soon, make sure that you account for that in the apartment’s size.

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Since you’re buying the apartment in Saida and not renting it, switching homes once the baby arrives won’t be something fun and easy. The number of bedrooms you need also depends on any activities that you would like to do at home like sports, reading or even writing. It really depends on you and how much your appreciate some “me-time” away from any distractions. Another thing to take into consideration is the neighborhood in Saida. If you’re still not familiar with Saida, drive around the city and explore its neighborhoods. As you move around, take note of all important places and shops which you need quick access to because this will help you pick a location that’s convenient for you. If you’re looking for an independent residence, villas for sale in Saida are most available in Majdelyoun and Ghaziyeh. A villa in Saida can range between two to five bedrooms, ranging between 250 to 5,000 sqm. Before you buy a property in Saida, make sure to check out the market offerings. You can also consult a real estate agent who operates in Saida to help you take a better informed decision.

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