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Finding a Land for Sale in South

Many investors look for lands for sale in Lebanon to start their new project on. Most lands for sale are available in Mount Lebanon, North, South, Nabatieh, Beirut and Bekaa. Lands for sale in Mount Lebanon are in El Metn, Kesrouane, and Jbeil. If you’re looking for an affordable land, consider searching among lands for sale in the North. More expensive lands can be found in Beirut and El Metn. As for lands for sale in the South, they’re mainly available in Saida, Jezzine and Tyre. A land for sale in SOuth can be around 500 to 100,000 sqm in size. Prices there usually range between $20,000 to $15,000.

Each land can be used for certain purposes. Once you consider buying a land for sale in South, try asking the landowner about the usage restrictions. In case the landowner didn’t provide you with enough information, a simple phone call to the local zoning department of the South will provide you with all the info you need. Usually, zoning classifications are residential, industrial, agricultural, commercial or mixed use. It is also very sual for municipalities to have plans about how lands in the Now that you’re aware of the usage restrictions of the land, ask yourself whether it matches your plans or not. In case you were planning to use the land for sale in South for residential purposes, you need to check for the availability of public utilities. You’d want the land to have access for utilities like clean water, gas, electricity, sewer, phone, etc. However, sometimes public utilities aren’t available yet you can get access to certain things like water and phone.

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How to Choose the Land

It’s is very feasible in some areas to drill a water well that can provide sufficient water supply for a whole residential building. Phone cables can also be extended to reach your building and provide internet access too. It is also important to study the land’s shape and features since they determine what can be build on it. The land might have unpredictable elevations that can restrict what you can build on it. The less zoning and topographic restrictions the land has, the more likely it is to maintain its value and marketability. Easy access to the land for sale in South is very important especially if was for residential purposes. You wouldn’t want to build a residential building which people can’t easily access. In case the land didn’t have direct access, your neighbors might be willing to give you access through their property. You might also manage to collaborate with the local municipality to improve the roads surrounding your land. The area surrounding the land for sale in South plays a huge role in the likeability of buying an apartment there. Look around and ask yourself is this a potential buyers would like to live in? Is it a safe neighborhood? Are there any major issues happening around? Think of all the answers before making a decision. You can consult real estate agents, architects and engineers to help you make a better informed decision.