Properties for sale in Batroun

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Properties for Sale in Batroun

Batroun, this coastal city is one of the most attractive areas to invest in North Lebanon. Whether you’re on hunt for a property to use it or to make a profitable investment out of it, Batroun has a lot to offer. Lands for sale in Batroun are mainly available in Tannourine, Basbina , Jdabra , Kfar Aabida, Bijdarfel, Hamat and Berbara. You would find lands that are above $10,000 and less than $15,000,000 in Batroun. Small and large lands are also available and would range between 120 and 115,000 sqm in size. If you're looking for an apartment for sale in Batroun, you can find ones in Basbina, Ijdabra, Kfar Aabida, Hamat, Edde, Chekka, Rawabi. Apartments usually range between $80,000 & $600,000 in price, and between 70 and 400 sqm in size. Since batroun in often visited during vacations, there are several studios for sale to pick from. If you're looking for a larger apartment that fits our family, you can easily find a four bedrooms apartment in Batroun as well. For those looking for a big space yet want to avoid the responsibility that comes with owning an independent residence, duplexes for sale in Batroun comes as a solution. They're mainly available in Ijdabra, Basbina, Kfar Aabida, Rawabi and range between $200,000 and $700,000 in price.

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How to Pick a Property

As mentioned previously, owning a villa comes with a big responsibility since there's no third party who manages the residence. You need to take care of the villa's aspects from A-Z. You wouldn't find a villa in Batroun that's less than 360 sqm in size and consisting of two bedrooms. The largest villa in Batroun would be around 1,500 sqm in size and consisting of seven bedrooms. Since Batroun is a coastal city, chalets for sale are highly demanded especially during spring and summer seasons. However, most chalets are less than 100 sqm in size which is more suitable for singles than big families.Before you start searching for properties in Batroun, figure out what you exactly need. Who will be using the property? Is it you or are you willing to put it out for rent or resell it? Why do you need the property? Are you planning to stay at it all year round or to visit it during summer vacations only? How many people will be using the property? This will help you set your priorities and find the suitable property faster. Remember, you can consult a real estate agent who operates in Batroun to help you make a better informed decision.