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Finding a Land for Sale in North Lebanon

The North can be a great location to buy a land for sale in Lebanon at. Most lands for sale in the North fall in Koura, Bcharreh, Batroun and Zgharta. Koura is known for the cultivation of olive tree and production of olive oil. It has 52 villages of which its capital Amioun is the largest. It stretches between the Mediterranean sea and Mount Lebanon, comprising a series of hills and plains where olive is extensively cultivated. Bcharreh on the other hand elevates about 1,500 m above sea level and falls in the Kadisha Valley. It’s known today for being the town which has the only remaining original Cedars of Lebanon. It has a Mediterranean climate with a dry summers and snowy winters. During summers, temperature exceeds 30 °C and can go below -15 °C during winters with snow accumulating over 2 meters. Batroun is a districts which falls between Jbeil and Tripoli along the coastal side and into the center of Mount Lebanon. Lands for sale in Batroun usually have a very appealing landscape and proximity to several touristic landmarks like Duma, Tannourine, Smar Jbeil and El Mseilha. Zgharta elevates between 40 and 2,500 m above sea level extending from the coast to its highest elevation in Mount Lebanon’s mountain range. Other lands for sale in North Lebanon are lands for sale in Tripoli, Minieh-Danniyeh and Akkar.

Before buying a land for sale in North Lebanon, make sure to consider several factors. Each governorate or district has its own zoning plans which landowners are expected to abide by. You can know the zoning restrictions and requirements by making a simple phone call to the zoning department of the district or governorate. This way you’ll know whether the land for sale in North Lebanon that you’re planning to buy is suitable for your plans or not. Different lands fall under different categories which a buyer needs to know before making a purchase.

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Factors to Consider

A land for sale in North Lebanon can be residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or for mixed-use. Figure out under which category does the land fall under and whether it complies with your investment purposes. A land’s typography, or features and shape in other words can highly affect your operations. Study the land’s typography to see if it’s suitable for what you intend to use it for. If you’re planning to build a residential building on the lands, ensure that it’s elevation is suitable. Some lands have unpredictable elevations and cliffs which can be an obstacle in the way of executing your residential plans. Another factor to consider is the municipality's plans about the usage of lands since they might conflict with your own investment plans. Ensure that you’re informed about all relevant plans to avoid future surprises. The availability of needed public utilities like water, electricity, gas and sewer is very important especially if the land for sale in North Lebanon falls under the residential category. Make sure that the land is build-able so it doesn’t lose its marketability in case you decided to put it out for sale. Finally, ask yourself questions like “Is this land suitable for what I intend to use it for?”, “Are there similar operations in the area”, “Is there a security issue here?” and other relevant questions which can help you make a well-founded decision.