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About Apartments for Sale in Batroun

Apartments for sale in North are mainly available in Batroun, Tripoli, Koura, and Akkour. Whether you’re looking for an affordable or a luxurious apartment for sale, North has a lot to offer you. In general, the prices in North range between around $80,000 and $2,000,000 for an apartment area of 80 to 400 sqm. You can search among apartments for sale in Koura or in Tripoli like those in Abou Samra or Qoubba. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a luxurious option, you can search among apartments for sale in Dam Wa Farz, Al Mina or Fouaad El Moula which all fall in Tripoli as well. For something in between, apartments for sale in Batroun might be just right for you. For high-end finishing apartments, search for apartments for sale in Chekka, Ijdabra and Kfar Aabida. For more affordable apartments, search for apartments for sale in Basbina and Hamat.

Finding the right apartment among all the apartments for sale in Batroun might seem overwhelming to you first; however, it would be very simple if you walk through the buying process carefully. The secret is in knowing your priorities and sticking to them. Whether it’s location, price, apartment amenities, or building facilities; be clear regarding what you want. In which part of Batroun do you want to stay? Do you want to stay at Basbina or Ijdabra for instance? This mainly depends on which is closer to your most visited place like your workplace or kids’ school, and what kind of view you like. The neighborhood really matters as well; you’d want to live in a neighborhood that feels comfortable and safe. Living near your most visited places help you pay less over transportation and spend less time on the streets.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

In case you were searching among apartments for sale in Batroun that are 5 minutes away from your workplace, you’d totally enjoy walking to work instead of getting stuck in traffic and spending over 10 minutes looking for a vacant parking spot. Now consider how many people will be living in the apartment; is it just you or your whole family? If you’re searching for an apartment to live on your own at, consider looking for studio apartments for sale in Batroun. Buying a studio apartment doesn’t only save you the extra money you would’ve spent over space which you don’t need; it also helps you live a minimalist lifestyle away from cluttered and sophisticated environments. On the other hand, if you’re newly married and are planning on having a baby very soon, look for apartments for sale in Batroun which consist of one extra room for the baby so you don’t have to move out within less than a year. Finally, set your budget which is influenced by many factors like your debt and expenses. You’d also want to keep some money aside to pamper yourself, or to put in your savings account. If you want to go for a home loan, calculate the amount of money you’d be left with after paying all your debt and expenses.

With all this in mind, go online and start searching for apartments for sale in Batroun. While visiting the couple of apartments which seem appealing to you, carefully take notes while conducting a general inspection. Inspect the apartments to make sure that there are no major issues that can be a trouble in the future. Remember, you can try consulting a real estate agent to help you choose the right apartment for you.