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Properties for Sale in Nabatieh

Most common property types for sale in Nabatieh are Apartments, villas and lands. Nabatieh is a quite residential area this is why buyer who purchase lands there do so for the purpose of constructing a residence on it. Lands for sale in Nabatieh are mainly available in Nabatieh the town, Marjaayoun, and Bint Jbeil. Prices range between $40,000 and $20,000 depending on location and size. You can find a land as small as 1,200 sqm or as big as 400,000 sqm in Nbatieh. Apartments for sale in Nabatieh range between $65,000 and $140,000 and are mainly available in areas like Arab Salim, Dei Al Zahrani, Habbouch, Zefta and Bint Jbeil. Villas for sale in Nabatieh range between $125,000 and $400,000 in price, and between 150 and 450 sm in size.

Bint Jbeil is not only one of the most popular towns in Nabatieh Governorate, it’s also the second largest town in South area. Nearby areas to Bint Jbeil are Ainata, Ain Ebel, and Aitroun. Hospitals, pharmacies, gas stations, banks and grocery stores are quite present in Bint Jbeil unlike what might think. If you’re looking for an apartment for sale in Bint Jbeil, Tiri has a decent number of apartments that fall in the low to middle price range of prices in Nabatieh. As for an apartment’s size in Bint Jbeil, it’s convenient for families with more than two children and are looking for a comfortable space to stay at.

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Bint Jbeil- The second largest town in South

If you’re still not familiar with Bint Jbeil, you can reach it through the Rmaych-Bint Jbeil road. It’s a quite big town to discover by walking around so you’d rather discover it while you drive you car around. Take note of the main places and facilities in Bint Jbeil that you’re interested in having quick access to. Neighborhoods in Bint Jbeil are quite similar when it comes to their architectural styles, yet you will still find something special about each one. Pick a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and residential needs so you enjoy your stay there. This depends on whether you plan to live all year long in Bint Jbeil or visit it during weekends and vacations only. You might also be planning to make this purchase a sort of investment that will generate you revenue in the future by putting out it out for rent or reselling it at a higher price. If this is the case, then you need to think like your potential buyer during the purchasing period. Put your wants and taste aside, and put your potential buyers’ on priority. What does the market demand? What is it looking for? How much is it willing to pay? How will they be using the property? All this and more helps you choose a marketable property that can generate you high profits in the future.