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Properties for sale in Nabatieh

Most popular property types in Nabatieh are lands, apartments and villas. Most lands for sale in Nabatieh are purchased in order to build private villas and residences on. This allows individuals to customize their residences from A-Z which is what many opt for. You can find a villa for sale in Nabatieh for as low as $125,000 up to $500,000. Villas are quite spacious ranging between 300 to 500 sqm, and consisting of 3 to 5 bedrooms. They’re most available in areas like Arab Salim, Nmairiye and Ansar. If you’re looking for something smaller, there are lots of apartments for sale in Nabatiehavailable in areas like Habbouch, Choukine, Ansar and Zefta for something between $65,000 and $180,000. Apartments in Nabatieh are suitable for families since the smallest apartment there usually consists of 2 to 3 bedrooms.

What makes Nabatieh special is that most of its residences are not inhibited all year long. It has hundreds of houses that are owned by Lebanese who are either immigrants or living in Beirut. It is also very common to find Lebanese youth investing in buying land in Nabatieh; in plans of building a home on it in the near future. Since Nabatieh is a highly residential area, investors on hunt for properties that will result them in high profits don’t worry much about the marketability of properties there.

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How to Pick Your Property

If aren’t familiar with Nabatieh, go on a road trip with family or friends and enjoy the beauty of its nature. As soon as you arrive, try to park somewhere and go around on your feet. The look and feel of Nabatieh while you’re walking around on your feet is much different if you just drive around. There are certain neighborhoods of a traditional architectural style opposed to those of a modern design. It really depends on your taste whether you buy a property in a traditional or a modern styled neighborhood. Before you rush into buying a property, be clear about what your purpose behind buying it. Are you buying it for your own personal use or for the purpose of reselling it at a higher price in the future? This sets your search criteria and makes finding the suitable property easier. If you’re buying the property in Nabatieh for your own use, you’d want one that suits your needs and taste. If you’re willing to put in the market for sale later on, you’d want to buy a property that appeals to the market. Remember, you can find a real estate agent in Nabatieh who can help you make a better informed decision.