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Finding a Villa for Sale in Mount Lebanon

Living in a villa or a house is different than living in an apartment in so many ways. Houses redefine the whole concept of staying home and can make out of it a more fun and luxurious experience. Many opt to buy a house for sale in Lebanon, each for different purposes. Some prefer staying at a villa all year long, others would buy villas as vacation homes where they spend fun times with their families and friends at. However, living in a villa means holding a greater responsibility than you would've in an apartment. If you live in a residential building, the building management takes care of all maintenance and repair costs in addition to security for example. In your own house on the other hand, you need to take care of all that on your own. If anything goes wrong with the property, you need to make sure to follow up on it yourself and check that it’s maintained. As for security, you need to do a bit of research to decide which system to buy and carefully pick your security team. And if you have a garden, you’ll need to take put some effort in it since plants require care. House for sale in Metn Lebanon are widely requested; areas include Kesrouane, Chouf, Jbeil, Baabda and Aley. A villa for sale in Metn prices in the Metn region vary between around $200,000 and $20,000,000 ranging between 150 sqm and 4,000 sqm in size. In general, you can find luxurious house for sale in Lebanon Metn in areas like Rabieh, Beit Meri and Adma. On the other hand, old house for sale in Metn Lebanon are more on the affordable side since you would need to reconstruct it into a more modernized system one with acs and heating systems., Villas for sale in El Metn for instance range between around $400,000 and $18,000,000 in price, reaching up to 4,000 m in size.

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For a luxurious option, search for houses for sale in North Metn Lebanon where you will get areas such as Rabieh, Beit Meri, Monteverde and Ain Saadeh as some of the upper class cities. Less expensive villas can be found in Kornet Chehwan, Aintoura and Qortada which can be very convenient if you’re on a low budget. Moving on, villas for sale in Kesrouane are somehow close to those in El Metn in price, however it’s rare to find a villa the for more than $15,000,000. Villas for sale in Fakra, Ghine, and Ballouneh are considered to be luxurious compared to those in Adma Ajaltoun and Klayaat.

Finding a villa or a house for sale in Beirut is not common since it is the capital of Beirut meaning that gardens are a hassle and the sqm to build a grand house would be expensive for most. Nevertheless, the Metn region in which most houses are found is a close drive to the capital city of Beirut. 

You can start your process of searching for a villa for sale in Mount Lebanon by picking a specific area to stay at. After you pick an area like Jbeil for example, drive around and explore its neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own look and feel which fits certain lifestyles more than other ones, which you will notices as you look around. After that, go online and search for “villas for sale in Mount Lebanon” and insert your search criteria to help you narrow down results. Before you decide on a villa for sale in Mount Lebanon, make sure to inspect it very well. Conduct a general inspection that tackles important aspects in the villa like the walls and floors, doors and windows, central A/C and heaters, water and electricity, etc. You can consult a real estate agent to help you make a better informed decision.