Properties for sale in Faraya, Kesrouane

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Properties for Sale in Faraya

Chalets for sale in Faraya range between $100,000 and $845,000 in price and between 70 and 260 sqm in size. It’s quite easy to find a chalet that consists of one bedroom if you like to have peaceful weekend getaways in the middle of white snow. On the other hand, if you like to spend you weekends with your family and friends, bigger chalets that can consist of up to four bedrooms are also available for sale. Faraya is among the most popular residential areas in Kesrouane where apartments, duplexes and villas are highly demanded. Apartments for sale in Faraya are relatively affordable since you can easily buy one for less than $300,000. What’s very attractive about the market in Faraya is that duplexes are also affordable and are not much more expensive than apartments. In fact, you can find a chalet as spacious as 225 sqm for around $200,000. Prices do vary however based on specifications and finishing. Many are confused about whether they should buy or rent a property in Faraya. This highly depends on whether you will be using the property all year long or only during winter time. If you’re planning to use the property during winter time only, then renting it might make more sense since you won’t be paying extra money over something you won’t be using.

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Properties for sale in Faraya

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On the other hand, if you’re planning to visit Faraya all year round, buying it might be more convenient. Once you figure out which type of property to pick, you need to figure out the property size and number of bedrooms you need. This usually depends on the number of people that will be sharing the property with you if any. Let’s say you’re renting a chalet with your friends that you can spend your weekends at, you might not want to share a single bedroom with more than two of your friends. Figure out what would be comfortable for everyone and decide based on that. Many love taking weekend getaways on their own for some peace of mind, in this case a small bungalow can be more than enough. Before you take any serious step, make sure that you compare the market offerings and inspect the property that you’re buying. This will help you take a better informed decision and make you feel happier about your purchase. Remember, you can consult a real estate agent who operates in Faraya to help you take a better informed decision.