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Zalka is a Strategic Location for a Business

Zalka is one of the main villages in the Metn district. It’s a very strategic location due to it being near the highway, but yet being in a remotely quiet atmosphere. 

Zalka is mostly known for its restaurants, cafes, and retail stores. Making it a calculated site for commercial properties. You can easily find commercial properties for sale in Zalka with a starting price of $214,000. There is even room for a big investment in finding a land for sale in zalka and contributing to the community of commercial stores and offices. Zalka has always been a well known spot for stores and it has even made some local businesses very well known in the retail and restaurant arenas in Lebanon. 

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Life is Zalka

Living in Zalka also happens to mean that you have access to a variety of academic facilities and hospitals. It is even close to Beirut making it a 10 minute drive, and it is also close to Kesrouane which is also a 10 minute drive. You are in the middle of Lebanon’s two most notable places. Apartments for sale in Zalka can start anywhere from $140,000 and rise as high as $650,000. If you want to try living in Zalka before making a conscious decision of moving to Zalka, there are many apartments for rent that you can find for as low as $800 per month. 

Zalka is one of those villages in Lebanon that feel lively at all hours of the day, with coffee shops open 24/24. Everything you need is close by, whether to want to go to the gym or you want to attend a dance class. 

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