Properties for sale in Rabieh, El Metn

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Rabiehs' Niche

An apartment for sale in Rabieh would be categorized in the middle to high price range with respect to apartments for sale in Metn. Properties in Rabieh usually consist of a beautiful view overlooking Beirut and the sea. The apartments usually consist of 3 to 6 bedrooms and range in size between 160 m2 to 560 m2. If you are considering apartments bigger in size, search for apartments for sale in Monteverde. They niche of Monteverde and Rabieh are close to one another in the environmental style and also in its clientele. Rabieh has a lot to offer when it comes for apartment living, nevertheless you need to organize your search. If you are not familiar with the Rabieh area you might want to visit and look around to find the perfect location for you. You might even find a land for sale in Rabieh and build your dream villa in Rabieh since most houses in Rabieh consist of beautifully built villas. Rabieh is a very calm and lowkey area with a lot of greenery around it and no noise pollution whatsoever. 

rabieh villa
rabieh view

What you should consider

After you have completed your tour in the Rabieh area, it is time for you to decide the apartments size. There’s a huge difference between moving in alone and needing an apartment for a family. If you are moving in alone a studio apartment would be more convenient than a 540 m2 house. 

Before making your final decision make sure to inspect all the elements that you want in your house. Whether its a swimming pool or a garden for your kids to run around in and get their hands dirty. Make sure to consult a real estate agent in order to redeem the price and size that best suits your expectations and needs.