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  • 33.8933877, 35.5506975
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Properties for Sale in Dora

Dora is one of the main linking locations between Beirut and Mount Lebanon’s cities due to its strategic location. Properties in Dora are highly demanded and are mainly commercial due to this area's dominant commercial activities. While driving on the Dora highway, you’d notice all the shopping malls, restaurants and bakeries, banks, car dealers and tens of international brands that are aggressively present on the sideways of the highway. 

To buy or to rent a property is a hard choice for many since they don’t know what they exactly need. Many specialists recommend that you buy a property only if you plan to use it for more than five years. If you on the other hand plan to use the property for a short period of time, buying it might not be very convenient. You can buy a property, enhance it, and put it out for sale at a higher price. Others put it out for rent to receive a steady pace of revenue.

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Market Offerings

Before you buy an apartment, make sure that your grasp the market offerings in terms of specifications and prices. You can figure this out through conducting a simple online search with the help of modern search engines. With online listings, users and view pictures of the property, read detailed description, compare properties and easily communicate with the property owners. This will save home buyer in Dora time since they will filter out properties that don’t match their criteria, and will save property managers time as well since they will only receive calls from serious buyers.