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All about Dbayeh

The Metn district is the most popular in the Mount Lebanon area because of its proximity to Beirut. You might be seeking an apartment for sale in Metn or even an apartment for rent in Metn both alternatives are heavily available. Most experts recommend renting an apartment when you do not want to reside in it for more than 5 years, or if you are not capable to buy an apartment for the time being. It is also highly recommended that housing fees do not exceed 35% of your monthly income. In the Metn area these possibilities are very much available for you. 

There are many apartments for rent in Dbayeh as well as many previously owned homes in Dbayeh for sale. Apartments in the Dbayeh area are highly demanded due to its location. Dbayeh is known to have some of the best shopping centers as well as many restaurants, bars, and nearby resorts. It’s also close to the Kesrouane district which a lot of academic facilities, resorts, shopping centers and many different cuisines. 

Waterfront City Dbayeh
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Dbayeh properties

Apartments for sale in Dbayeh range from $160,000 to $1,000,000. You would be able to find an apartment in Dbayeh between a 100 and 400 m2 sized apartment. However, if you do not want an apartment that’s already built there are many lands for sale in Dbayeh that you could buy and build your dream home on. If you compare the prices of other Metn districts such as Broumana you can find that apartments for sale in Broumana can reach up to $4,000,000.

Results for Apartments for sale in Dbayeh vary in price, size and housing components. In order to narrow your results to match your criteria, specify the guidelines that you are seeking for the apartments for sale in Dbayeh, or the apartments for rent in Dbayeh and even for the land for sale in Dbayeh. A general inspection will save you possible future trouble and help you make a better decision. Finally, If you were uncertain about which apartment for sale in Dbayeh to go for, you can seek the consultation of a real estate specialist.

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