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Bride of the Mountains - Aley

The Aley district has multiple large cities such as Khalde, Aley, and Bchamoun. Aley is the South-East capital of Lebanon. It’s 15 minutes away from Beirut, and has a cool temperature which is why it’s nicknamed “the bride of the Mountainsr”. 

Aley is known for having various properties for sale or rent, whether its a whole building, an apartment and even stores. Aley is known to have all different price ranges making it affordable for everyone to reside in it. Properties for sale in Aley start from $59,599 and can go up to $3,500,000 which would accommodate you in a villa for sale

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apartments in Aley

Properties in Aley

Apartments for sale in Dawhit el Hoss have a beautiful view overlooking all of Beirut and the sea; with a 10 minute distance drive to Beirut. Dawhit el Hoss is also a very calm and well nurtured neighborhood with luxurious residential areas. 

Most apartments for sale in Khalde also contain a view overlooking the sea and Beirut beneath you. However, apartments for sale in Khalde are the least expensive in the Aley district. It also has various stores located in the region making it one of the most public areas in the Aley district. 

Commercial properties are also variously listed in the Aley district with Khalde taking up most of them since it is a central location. The commercial properties in Khalde begin from $200,000 but you are able to find cheaper commercial properties in Aley within different areas.