Properties for sale in Bchamoun, Aley

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All you need to know about Bchamoun

Bchamoun is a village found in the Aley district in Mount Lebanon. Bchamouns name is derived from “House of Chamoun”. Its situated 10 mins away from Beirut by car. Bchamoun first began with around 5000 people residing in the village, however it now exceed 15000 people. Bchamoun was the first to raise the Lebanese flag after the independence by Emir Majid Arslan. 

Properties for Sale in Bchamoun
Properties for Sale in Bchamoun

Everything you need is in Bchamoun

Even though Bchamoun is a village, it possesses all the entities needed within its region. In Bchamoun there are 9 schools , 2 public schools and 7 private schools. The public schools in Bchamoun are varied with English teachings, and French teachings depending on the educational system that people want to provide to their children. 

There is one hospital in Bchamoun, Bchamoun Speciality Hospital which is a private hospital. There are also over 28 companies in Bchamoun that consist of more than 5 employees. 

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