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    33.6700644, 35.4253006

    Waterfront Land available

    Jiyeh, Chouf, Mount Lebanon
    3,000,000 USD
    Land 2,500 sqm
  • 34.0105898, 35.6656767
  • 34.0522377, 35.6519184
  • 34.02556114, 35.63339353

    Land in Kfaryassine Keserwan - 1000 sqm

    Kfaryassine, Kesrouane, Mount Lebanon
    1,400,000 USD
    Land 1,000 sqm
  • 34.0843042, 35.6531805
  • 34.0843042, 35.6531805
  • 34.1641873, 35.7085794
  • 34.14612105, 35.78090429
  • 34.14612105, 35.78090429
  • 34.14612105, 35.78090429
  • 34.0843042, 35.6531805
  • 34.1645456, 35.6515267
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Areas near Mount Lebanon

Lands for Sale in Mount Lebanon

Many potential buyers consider buying properties in Lebanon to be a long term investment that can lead to high future profits. Some investors decide on lending those properties for a while seeking short term profit, then going for a long term investment in the future when certain conditions are present. 

You can find a land for sale in Mount Lebanon in El Metn, Kesrouane, Jbeil, Baabda, Aley and Chouf. The price of a land for sale in Mount Lebanon can vary between $30,000 and 60,000,000. If you are looking for a less expensive land for sale in Mount Lebanon, then you might want to look in areas like Jbeil and Chouf. On the other hand, if you were looking for more expensive lands that are either of a bigger area or in a more prestigious location, you might want to look in El Metn or Kesrouane.

Lands for sale in Mount Lebanon specifically in El Metn are most popular at Ain Saadeh, Baabdat, Beit Meri and Broumana. Prices of lands for sale In El Metn range between around $100,000 and $40,000,000 and range between 500 and 10,000 sqm. Less expensive areas are Marjaba, Zaroun and Ain AL Sindiane, while more expensive lands are in Sad El Bauchriye, Berj Hammoud, Haret Al Ballaneh. 

land for sale in Lebanon
land for sale

More About Mount Lebanon

Lands for sale in Kesrouane are most available in Ajaltoun, Faytroun and Adma. Prices of lands for sale in Mount Lebanon there range between around $105,000 and $60,000,000. Lands for sale in Tabarja and Zouk Mikael for example are more expensive than lands for sale in Maysra or Mayrouba. 

Moving on to Baabda, lands for sale in Mount Lebanon there are mostly available in Hadath, Salima and Arayia. Prices there range between $75,000 and $19,000. You would usually find a more expensive lands for sale in Baabda in Salima, Tarchich, and Hasbaya.

Lands for sale in Aley however are sold for a price between $150,000 and $14,000,000. More expensive lands are available in Bhamdoun, Chouf and Aramoun, while less expensive lands are available at Bchamoun and Mrouj.

Lands for sale in Mount Lebanon specifically in Chouf are mostly available in Damour, Rmaileh and Jiyeh. Prices there range between $32,000 and $60,000,000. If you’re looking for a cheap land for sale, you might want to search in areas like Ain Zhalta, while less expensive lands for sale are available in Naameh and Damour.

Before you start your search for lands for sale in Mount Lebanon, conduct a feasibility study about what kind of investment you’re planning to go for to find out the type of land that is most suitable for you. After that, input the size of the land and preferred location in the search engine, this will narrow down the results and save you time. If you were still not sure about which land to buy, you might want to consider consulting a real estate or a business specialist.