Chalets for sale in Faraya, Kesrouane

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Finding a Chalet for Sale in Faraya

If you go online searching for a chalet for sale in Kesrouane, you’d find that you can buy a chalet for less than a $100,000 especially in areas like Faraya, Jeita and Kfarzebian. If you’re a fan of luxury, try searching for chalets for sale in Fakra, Tabarja, or Kaslik which can reach around $2,000,000 in price. Chalets for sale in Fakra for instance range between $110,000 and $2,000,000, and would consist of one to four bedrooms. If you’re looking for a chalet to live on your own at, there are many chalets that are as small as 50 sqm in size. There are a lot of chalets that are suitable for family and friends gatherings on the other hand and can reach up to 500 sqm in size. If you’re a big fan of ski who loves to hit the slopes on winter weekends, Faraya might be just right for you.

Faraya is a Kesrouani village rising around 1,850 m above seal level. If you’re wondering what does “Faraya” mean, you’d be interested to know that its Phoenician and means “the land of vegetables and fruits”. The road trip to Faraya can be really fun no matter where you’re coming from; it’s about 20 km away from Jounieh and 42 km from Beirut. As for its climate, temperature there can go below -5°C during winters and beyond 30°C during summer time. Snow accumulation in Faraya usually reaches beyond 1.5 m which one might call perfect for ski. If you’re still not sure whether to find a chalet for rent in Faraya or for sale, then there are some aspects to consider that will help you figure things out.

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Why Buy a Chalet

If you’re a person who’s not looking out for an investment nor willing to visit the same chalet for the next five years, then renting would be more convenient for you. If you’re on the other hand a big fan of Faraya and would like to spend weekends whenever you can there, then buying a chalet would be more convenient for you. If you search online for “Faraya chalet for sale”, you’d find that the chalets price range is between around $75,000 and $650,000, and mainly consist of one to five bedrooms. What’s exciting about buying a chalet for sale in Faraya is that this area is very popular on both local and touristic levels, which means you can find someone who’s interested in renting your chalet whenever you decide not to use it anymore. This way, you would enjoy the luxury of having a new source of income that can one day pay off the price you paid over the chalet and even more. Besides financial benefits, owning a chalet where you can spend happy times with your loved ones, family and friends can be very sentimentally rewarding. You get the chance to make new memories that’ll make you feel happy whenever you recall them, and pass them by to your children and grandchildren in case you kept the chalet until then. But before going online and searching for “Faraya chalet for sale”, decide on the chalet’s size and budget. Be realistic about how many people will be staying at the chalet and thoughtfully set a budget that you can easily afford. Keep in mind, you can consult a real estate agent to help you make a more informed decision.