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Finding an apartment for sale in Kesrouane

Among the apartments for sale in Lebanon, those in Kesrouane are one of the most popular. In recent years, the district of Kesrouane has grown in popularity with many people across Lebanon choosing to make it their home. Kesrouane is a district in the Mount Lebanon Governorate to the northeast of Beirut and its local capital is Jounieh. The name of Kesrouane is most probably that of a Persian clan named the Kesra, who were early Persian settlers of the region. Kesra has always been a common Persian name and Kesrouane is its plural form.

Kesrouane is home to the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, which is a natural area that offers hiking opportunities and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the West. It has a wide variety of villages, mainly including Yahchouch, Qehmez, Jouret el Thermos, Nahr ed Dahab, Ghbale, Ebreh and Chouwan.

Jabal Moussa, along with its surrounding villages, became part of the UNESCO Network Reserves in 2009 under the Man and Biosphere programme, which addresses human livelihood improvement and nature conservation through combining natural sciences with social sciences, economics and education.

Not only do the mountainous features constitute an integral part of Kesrouane, but the latter has outstanding beaches on its coastal part and breathtaking sea views, such the famous Jounieh Bay views. Being away from the capital has meant the price of apartments is more affordable and coupled with the excellent views, these are just some of the reasons why people have chosen to buy apartments in Kesrouane.

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More About Kesrouane

You can find a lot of apartments for sale in Kesrouane since it is a very popular area in Lebanon, like apartments for sale in Ballouneh, Adma, Sahel Alma and apartments for sale in Kfarhbeib, each with many apartment buildings across the landscape. These usually come unfurnished, as do most apartments in Kesrouane however for any homebuyer, this is an excellent time to redecorate and turn their newly purchased apartment into a warm inviting home.

During the winter, Kesrouane is world-famous for its ski slopes in Faraya, Kfarzebian and Fakra where people enjoy skiing, snowboarding and driving snowmobiles over the gorgeous white mountains. People in Lebanon usually go skiing in the morning and then have lunch in famous world-class restaurants known for their delicious Lebanese cuisine.

And during the summer, beach resorts in Kesrouane open their doors to enthusiastic beach lovers. They are famous for having sandy and rocky beaches, huge pools and hosting great beach parties. This is certainly a huge drawcard for people as living in Kesrouane means lots of things to do all year round, no matter the weather

Finding an apartment for sale in Kesrouane has never been this easy and residents have everything that they could ask for without compromising on convenience and without the price tag.