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Finding an apartment for sale in El Metn

One of the most popular areas to find apartments for sale at in Lebanon is El Metn, a district in the Mount Lebanon Governorate, east of Beirut. Jdeideh is Mount Lebanon’s capital. El Metn is one of the most popular areas in Lebanon, with its rich scenery and its splendid views of the Mediterranean.

There are plenty apartments for sale in El Metn, with very popular areas including Mansourieh and Ain Saadeh with many different types of apartments on offer.

The El Metn district could be categorized into two main parts; people choose to stay in two main regions often for their own convenience. Apartments for sale in Jdeideh, Jal El Dib and Antelias, that are close to the highway and that is what suits most potential buyers. However, going further away from crowded areas, people seek serenity above all. Apartments for sale in Rabieh, Broumana and Monteverde are in areas where apartment prices are higher than the rest, since they are considered to be of a higher class than others.

Buying an apartment in El Metn could be considered as an investment. It has great rental income potential if you wish to lease the apartment but most people choose to live in their apartment after they buy it. The number of apartments for sale in El Metn is growing all the time so the options are plentiful.

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El Metn Apartments

As for the buying cost, prices range according to the apartments’ sizes. Whether you are looking for a small one-bedroom studio apartment or a spacious four or five-bedroom apartment, there’s plenty to choose from and it is almost always suitable to any budget. Apartments almost always come unfurnished so you’ve got free reign to decorate your apartment as you like. Lebanon is known for having a very unique sense of style so homeowners will have no trouble finding the right furnishings for their apartment.

One of the reasons why more people are choosing to live away from Beirut and in areas such as El Metn are due to pricing. In El Metn, apartment prices are much lower than those in Beirut. However, its location makes it easily accessible to and from all the areas that surround it so you get to enjoy cost savings without compromising on location.

One might say that El Metn has it all; sea and mountain views, a close location to the highways that lead you to Beirut and other cities, and apartments at attractive prices. El Metn is a portal to a comfortable life in a wonderful home, with everything that residents need which is why many Lebanese are always open to buying an apartment in El Metn.