Apartments for sale in Rabieh, El Metn

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Finding an Apartment for Sale in Rabieh

You have plenty of choices when it comes to finding your apartment for sale in El Metn. If you’re looking for less expensive apartments for sale, you can search among apartments for sale in Dora, Mansourieh and Qornet EL Hamra. However, if you’re looking for luxurious apartments, you can search among apartments for sale in Beit Meri, Broumana, Bsalim or Rabieh. Many consider Rabieh to be an upscale suburban area in Mount Lebanon. Rabieh is about 20 minutes far from Beirut, and around 250 m above sea level. It’s divided into three main sectors: Rabieh 1 and 2 where big villas fall in, and Rabieh 3 where residential buildings are mainly found. It would take you about a minute to reach Bikfaya highway from Rabieh, and about 45 minutes to reach the Faraya Mzaar ski resort.

The price of apartments for sale in rabieh range between $350,000 and $2,500,000, while their size can vary between 150 and 700 sqm. Most apartments for sale in Rabieh consist of two to five bedrooms.

Before looking for an apartment for sale in Rabieh, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. In which part of Rabieh do you want to live? Are you hoping to live in a walking community where you can enjoy jogging around at? Do you want to have access to a pool, gym or a kid’s playground? How far from your workplace or shops do you want to live? Are you planning to use your car less and walk more? Then think about how much can you really afford. You might manage to pay a certain monthly amount of money when you decide to buy an apartment for sale in Rabieh, but your future spending might be affected. Calculate your monthly expenses and debt, then see whether you can handle the new payment. You also need to decide on the number of bedrooms you need. How many people will be living at the apartment?

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Interior of apartment for sale in Rabieh

How to Pick Your Apartment

As mentioned before, apartments for sale in Rabieh usually consist of up to 5 bedrooms. Are there other activities which you want to dedicate a room for? You might want to have a gym room, or a kids’ playing room for example.

After deciding on your budget, size of apartment and number of bedrooms, you’re almost ready to go. Start your online search for apartments for sale in Rabieh and insert the above criteria in search engines. This will help you narrow down results to those apartments are relevant to your requirements. You might find a couple of apartments that seem to be suitable; however, don’t rush into taking a decision. Take enough time to inspect the apartments for sale in Rabieh and compare them with each other. Inspect things like the walls, floors, sewer, toilets, electricity, etc. One of the first things you would notice once you enter an apartment for sale in Rabieh would be its walls and floors. Are there any big holes in them? Is there a major problem that requires costly maintenance? Replacing floor tiles in not an easy task and can be really costly. Try opening all windows and doors to ensure that they're working properly. Open all faucets and test the water. Is it clear enough? Flick all the lights on to check that electric wires are working just fine. Inspect traces of insects or rodents that require pest control.

After conducting the inspection, comparing the apartments for sale in Rabieh will become easy. However, you can consult a real estate professional if you feel like you still need a better informed decision.