Apartments for sale in Horsh Tabet, El Metn

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Apartments for Sale in Horsh Tabet

If you’re looking for apartments for sale in El Metn then you have many areas to live in like Mansourieh, Bsalim, Dora, and Horsh Tabet. For instance, the starting price of apartments in Horsh Tabet is a bit higher than the price of apartments for sale in Dora, Bsalim and Mansourieh. However, apartments for sale in Horsh Tabet are less expensive than apartments for sale in Rabieh, Baabdat and Biyada. Usually the price of apartments for sale in Horsh Tabet range between $250,000 and $1,500,000, while their size varies between around 150 and 500 sqm consisting of two to four rooms.

Decide on what part of the area do you want to live at. Do you want to search among apartments for sale in Horsh Tabet that are close to your workplace or kids’ school? Do you want to live in a walking community where you can go for an early morning jog or a late night walk? Is having access to a pool or gym on your wish list? Then, figure out how much you can actually pay. Take your income and debt into consideration and think about how would your spending be affected in case you purchased an apartment. You also need to decide on the number of bedrooms you need in the apartment.

There are several things that you need to check before buying one of the apartments for sale in Horsh Tabet. There’s no doubt that you might want to make some cosmetic changes to the apartment, however you can try to eliminate major repair costs.

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Horsh Tabet

How to Pick Your Apartment

Since the walls and floors are the first thing you notice once you enter an apartment, it’s important to check that there are no major problems with them. Inspect the windows, make sure that they actually open with any problem. If windows don’t open properly, are leaky, or have chipped or broken glass, you’ll need to pay a good deal of money to replace them. Do all the doors fit properly in the frame and shut completely? Go into the bathroom because you need to check a couple of things there too. Turn on the faucets to see if they work just fine, try both the cold and hot ones. Is the water clear or does it have sand or too much salt? Do the toilets flush without any problem? Flick the light switches in the apartment; do they all work? Make sure that the electric wires are not loose or damaged. Finally, it would be the time to check around for rodents and insects. Look in the gaps and cracks in the ceilings and walls, you might need a flashlight for that. If you find any serious sign, it’s time for pest control.

Find an apartment that’s right for you among all the apartments for sale in Horsh Tabet can be quite challenging. However if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to make a better informed decision. If you’re still not sure about which apartment is right for you, you can consult a real estate specialist.