Apartments for sale in Dbayeh, El Metn

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Apartments for Sale in Dbayeh

El Metn is one of the most popular districts in Mount Lebanon for its proximity to Beirut. You might be looking for apartments for rent in El Metn or even for sale, the two alternatives are available but one suits you better. Specialists recommend that you rent an apartment when you are not willing to reside in an apartment for more than 5 years, and currently do not have the budget to buy. They also recommend that rental and other housing fees do not exceed around 35% of your monthly income.

Other wise, buying an apartment might be the best alternative to go for. Most apartments for sale in El Metn are in Mansourieh, Bsalim, Ain Saadeh, Fanar, Monteverde, Rawbeh, and Dbayeh. Apartments for sale in Dbayeh are highly demanded due to the facilities in the area from restaurants, furniture stores, shopping malls, etc. ABC Dbayeh and City Mall are one of the most popular shopping malls in El Metn. A lot of big restaurants are open on Dbayeh highway and offer a variety of cuisines from Lebanese, American or fast food, Japanese, and Italian.

In general, prices of apartments for sale in Dbayeh range between $160,000 and $1,000,000. You would find an apartment for sale in Dbayeh that consists of 2 to 5 bedrooms, and between 100 and 400 sqm in size. It has become quite popular to find apartments for sale in Dbayeh with a terrace that’s between 35 to 150 sqm in size. If you compare the prices of apartments for sale in Broumana for example with those in Dbayeh, you would find that Broumana’s are much more expensive and can reach up to $4,000,000. Apartments for sale in Ain Saadeh as well can go up to $3,500,000 in price.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

Search results of “Dbayeh apartments for sale” widely vary in terms of price, location and area. For more narrowed results that best match your criteria, try to specify the specifications of the apartment for sale in Dbayeh that you’re looking for. Figure out how many rooms you need, this mainly depends on the size of your family and other activities that you would like to dedicate a room for like sports. After you decide on the number of rooms you need, apartment size and specific location, input your criteria in the search engine and type “Dbayeh apartments for sale”. You will get apartments for sale in Dbayeh that are similar in specifications but might be very different in term of apartment and building amenities. Some apartments have central AC, cover parking spots, 24 hours electricity and water supply, built in closets, and a house helper room; others might lack all or few of the amenities mentioned. It’s you decision to find the most suitable market offering which depends on your preferences and budget. Make sure to conduct a general inspection for the apartment for sale in Dbayeh that you’re considering to buy. Look for signs of water leakage for example for ceilings and walls, make sure that the water cycles are working just fine, that windows and doors are problem free. A general inspection will save you possible future trouble and help you make a better decision. Finally, If you were uncertain about which apartment for sale in Dbayeh to go for, you can seek the consultation of a real estate specialist.